Hello... I'm Lani Renee, B.H.S., L.M.T.

Spiritual Therapist, Adept Alchemist, Esoteric Healer & Licensed Massage Therapist, Metaphysical Teacher, Initiated Guide of The Mystery Traditions, & High Priestess. 

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About Me...

I'm a Devoted Seeker.  An Empath.  A Mystic.  An Alchemist.  I'm a Qabalist, Shamanic Healer, Ritual Master/Warrior of Light, and Exorcist.  Ordained High Priestess.  A Holy Guardian of The Universal Mystery Teachings.  Magical Woman on a Sacred Path of Mastery.  I am a Blessed Mother, a Sacred Sister, and an Ageless Crone.  An Initiate of Ancient Traditions, and Guiding Light.  An Advocate of Health & Wellness.  A Spiritual Therapist & Massage Therapist.  A Grateful Soul, In Love with All Things Heavenly, Learning How to Walk in Beauty. ~Lani Renee.


As an Adept Spiritual Therapist, I invite the Past-Present-Future to be the Bridge to the Mastery of Your Body-Soul-Spirit Reality. 

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The Holistic Healer in me, initiates the Gift of Healing in You, to help Guide You in Unveiling Your Truth, and the Truth.

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My Journey birthed the Magical Teacher, and my passion for the Mysteries of Initiation is My Greatest Work..

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I'm a Mother

The journey of motherhood is sacred, and I have been most blessed in this life with a beautiful daughter, Charly Renee, who is 17. She is walking her own path, with spirit guiding her, with gifts of beauty and grace. She is who I dedicate all my work to in hopes that she can live her life accordingly, authentically, and wisely. She is my angel, and she is loved.

My Education & Life Experience   

San Diego State University, B.H.S., graduated in 1992.

Mind & Body Massage School, Sand Diego, Ca. 1995

Fitness Personal Trainer, San Diego, Ca. 1989-2003

Owner of Sacred Space, Bonita Springs, Fl. 2003-2010

Initiated Alchemist-Qabalist-Ritual Master-High Priestess of King Solomon's Lineage, 2003-2010

Trained & Practicing Energetic-Esoteric Healer, 2002-Present

Received Shamanic Wisdom & Sweat Lodge Blessing from Lakota Chief, 2003-2010

Leadership in International Mystery School, 2005-2008

Founder & Owner of Temple Namaste: Mystery School & Healing Center, Arvada, Co. 2010-2019

Denver Integrative Massage School, Denver, CO. 2019-2020

Owner of Om Blessed Be: Private Practice of Holistic Therapies, L.M.T., Spiritual Therapist, Westminster, CO., 2019- Present

I'm a Free Spirit

I was never much of a follower, nor did I conform to any education or dogma.  I started very early in life, to question everything!  And I continue to seek and question myself, and my life every single day!  I grew up Catholic, and outgrew the church. I  have a college degree, but traveled extensively studying in an International Mystery School.  I have a deep respect for Native American Shamanism, and serve the Hierarchy of Light as a High Priestess.  My spirit has always been my guide, and I have truly lived a magical life.  

Do you have a longing to belong?

To something greater than your daily life?  Do you desire to not feel totally, inwardly alone?  This book of knowledge of Lani's  brings you balance, foundation, self-awareness, self-fulfillment, joy.  The course of study is ancient, holy, anchoring, empowering, and most importantly, all you would ever need, no matter your daily work or your family life.  It supports you in every way. 

When I do a simple ritual, I touch the Divine.  When i walk on Earth, I touch the Divine in Nature. 

It will be a gift to yourself to pursue this work.  After 15 years of learning with Lani Renee, I am yet always inspired anew from what comes through to me.  My wish for you is that you can also experience this feeling. 

Namaste, Karen Fleming, physical mother of Lani Renee

To Master the Art of Living One Must Master Thyself

There isn't an easy way to mastery... of any kind.

  • Everyone wants the easy road... that never works!
  • Many of us were programmed and not given the right education to fulfill our divine purpose; this is a factor to giving up!
  • A true seeker will have to live a solitary life at times.  Aloneness is NOT loneliness! 
  • One must desire change and a better outcome in life to begin the path of transformation, which requires one to be the focus of that transformation!
  • The road, or journey to mastery, may be difficult, and at times solitary, but it is the only road that leads to living a beautiful, successful, and happy life!
  • And by the way, mastery takes a life time!

I have been on my own journey to self-mastery for most of my life! 

  • It is common in our culture to seek help when things are bad and times are tough.
  • There are very few people in our lives, including parents and teachers, who are equipped to guide us properly.
  • Most would agree that it is difficult to change, so why do the work?
  • The human condition can be heavy, can bring a feeling of disconnectedness, and can give us major challenges!
  • Which is why I have searched for help and guidance since the age of 17.  I had to find my healers and teachers because none were presented to me.  My devotion to doing the work is easier than staying in the discomfort of fearing change.  Humanity is suffering, but I choose to live!  A life of beauty, magic, and success... leading me day by day, to happiness.  
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