Update & NEW Details for: The Priestess Path: July 2021-May 2022

Hi... I'm Lani Renee, B.H.S., L.M.T., & H.P.

Lifetime Seeker and Adept Alchemist, Tarot Practitioner & Spiritual Therapist, Advocate for Health & Wellness, Metaphysical Teacher & Initiated Guide, and Integrative Massage Therapeutic Healer. Originally from Northern California, currently living in Westminster, Colorado. Owner of Om Blessed Be.

Devoted to Bringing the Mystery & Magic Back to Our Lives!

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Who am I?

I am Lani Renee, and my life has been a beautiful journey. It hasn't been easy of course, but I was born a Seeker, with a bit of Warrior, and I have always found a way to pull through... and honestly, I am grateful for everything that I have been through. I was raised in California which nurtured my free spirit, gave birth to my child and opened my first spiritual center in Florida which offered me great life lessons, and I now live in Colorado which is home.

I am devoted to the journey... and my life and my work is a testament to how personal growth can lead to change, and how change can support transformation, and how important transformation is to living the life one was born to live!

Tarot Practitioner

I have over 25 years experience studying, learning, and practicing my tarot therapy. 

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Massage Therapist / Healer

I have a deep passion for energetic work, and a life experience in both massage and healing. 

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Spiritual Teacher

I was born a teacher, and I have shared my knowledge and my gifts to thousands of souls.

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Why I do what I do... it's for her!

My spiritual journey began with "motherhood," though my early experiences were what led me to seek help myself. And if I had to sum up my life work, it would absolutely be well identified as mothering... I believe we have to learn to mother ourselves, then our beloved children, and ultimately, each other.

My heart is my gift that I give when I work. My daughter, Charly, is the gift that was given to me because I did the work, and continue to do the work... She is beautiful. She is blessed. She is loved. 

I believe an ordinary life can be extraordinary, that there is beauty in the journey, and that magic can be found in each and every moment. - Lani Renee

Do you have a longing to belong?

To something greater than your daily life?  Do you desire to not feel totally, inwardly alone?  This book of knowledge of Lani's  brings you balance, foundation, self-awareness, self-fulfillment, joy.  The course of study is ancient, holy, anchoring, empowering, and most importantly, all you would ever need, no matter your daily work or your family life.  It supports you in every way. 

When I do a simple ritual, I touch the Divine.  When i walk on Earth, I touch the Divine in Nature. 

It will be a gift to yourself to pursue this work.  After 15 years of learning with Lani Renee, I am yet always inspired anew from what comes through to me.  My wish for you is that you can also experience this feeling. 

Namaste, Karen Fleming

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