Update & NEW Details for: The Priestess Path: July 2021-May 2022

Hello... I'm Lani Renee, B.H.S., L.M.T., & Spiritualist

Advocate of Holistic Health & Wellness - Healing Spiritualist - Metaphysical Teacher - Magical Guide

Changing the World, One Soul at a Time.

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Who am I?

I am Lani Renee, and my life has been a beautiful journey. It hasn't been easy of course, but I was born a Seeker, with a bit of Warrior, and I have always found a way to pull through... and honestly, I am grateful for everything that I have been through. I was raised in California which nurtured my free spirit, gave birth to my beloved daughter and opened my first spiritual center in Bonita Springs, Florida which offered me great life lessons, and I lived in Colorado for eleven years which strengthened me, and I have just recently moved back to Lakeland, Florida, where I hope to finally settle and live the most magical phase of my life yet...

I am devoted to a spiritual journey... a journey that I believe we all crave and seek at some point in our lives. For me, it became my life, and my work. I think it is important to teach and not preach, so I can share my life experiences and truly say that the healing that I provide I have done and continue to do for myself, and the teachings that I share I have received and have been devoted to mastering myself. The rituals that I cherish and love, I do everyday and wish for you the sacred discipline as well. My personal growth needs to inspire your growth! My changes should lead you to your transformation! My love for magic becomes your love for magic, and our journeys intertwine and our lives begin to make sense, and then, and only then, will we know that the mystery will never die. And it is the mystery for which I dedicate my life.

My gifts, work, and purpose will always be dear to me... and I care about the spirit of everyone who finds me... but I owe it all to the universe, to my heavenly father and sacred mother who granted me the blessing of life... and I pray my legacy is beauty & love for everyone!

Om Blessed Be, Lani Renee

I was asked once, why do I do what I do?... And, honestly, it's all for her, and your children, and their children... and for the betterment of humanity. I also believe that if we change ourselves, and role model the "good" to those we love... we can chage the world. And if I could promise the children who inherit our world more beauty, light, and love... well then, amen, aho, namaste, and om blessed be. Lani Renee


What is Om Blessed Be?

Om Blessed Be is the "name" that evolved after almost thirty years of reflecting on my work, and what to call it when it's pretty close to impossible to name it! Why you might think... well, my work is constantly growing, as am I, and evolving because that is what the mystery requires or I'd have to call it something that has already been labeled and that has never been me. So, after three decades of witnessing the magic of my work, it came to me... Om Blessed Be. Om for the truth that has always guided me, Blessed for the beautiful blessings that my spiritual path has forever provided me & others, and Be because the truth that blesses the soul willing to "be," is the one who is eternally transformed.

I am grateful. Om Blessed Be, Lani Renee

Do you have a longing to belong?

To something greater than your daily life?  Do you desire to not feel totally, inwardly alone?  This book of knowledge of Lani's  brings you balance, foundation, self-awareness, self-fulfillment, joy.  The course of study is ancient, holy, anchoring, empowering, and most importantly, all you would ever need, no matter your daily work or your family life.  It supports you in every way. 

When I do a simple ritual, I touch the Divine.  When i walk on Earth, I touch the Divine in Nature. 

It will be a gift to yourself to pursue this work.  After 15 years of learning with Lani Renee, I am yet always inspired anew from what comes through to me.  My wish for you is that you can also experience this feeling. 

Namaste, Karen Fleming

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