Update & NEW Details for: The Priestess Path: July 2021-May 2022

Hello, I'm Lani Renee

Holistic Spiritualist, Intuitive Guide, Esoteric Healer-Teacher, and Advocate of Integrative Health & Wellness

Adept Alchemist, Keeper of Sacred Mystery Traditions, and Illuminated Initiate

Owner of Ageless Alchemy

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I am Lani Renee, and my life has been a beautiful journey. It hasn't been easy of course, but I was born a Seeker, with a bit of Warrior, and I have always found a way to pull through... and honestly, I am grateful for everything that I have been through. I was raised in California which nurtured my free spirit, gave birth to my beloved daughter and opened my first spiritual center in Bonita Springs, Florida which offered me great life lessons, and I lived in Colorado for eleven years which strengthened me, and I have just recently moved to Lakeland, Florida, where I hope to settle and continue to live a magical life...

I am devoted to a spiritual journey... a journey that I believe we all crave and seek at some point in our lives. For me, it became my life, and my work. I think it is important to teach and not preach, so I can share my life experiences and truly say that the healing that I provide I have done and continue to do for myself, and the teachings that I share I have received and have been devoted to mastering myself. The rituals that I cherish and love, I do everyday and wish for you the sacred discipline as well. My personal growth needs to inspire your growth! My changes should lead you to your transformation! My love for magic becomes your love for magic, and our journeys intertwine and our lives begin to make sense, and then, and only then, will we know that the mystery will never die. And it is the mystery for which I dedicate my life.

My gifts, work, and purpose will always be dear to me... and I care about the spirit of everyone who finds me... but I owe it all to the universe, to my heavenly father and sacred mother who granted me the blessing of life... and I pray my legacy is beauty & love for everyone!

Om Blessed Be, Lani Renee

I dedicate my work, and my life, to my daughter, Charly Renee. She's the most beautiful person in the world to me. Being her mother is a blessing, but it also gives me a reason to be so devoted to my personal growth and to my spiritual awakening, because all I could ever wish for her is to live her life with ease, with a better chance for success, and hopefully blessed in her own happiness! 

Charly, you are beautiful, blessed, and loved.  

My story...

I was born in 1969, a great time to come into this world, to two young parents with adventurous souls, and an older brother. My family left the mid-west when I was 6 weeks old and we moved to the West Coast. I've lived in Seattle, L.A., Sunnyvale, Santa Cruz, and beautiful San Diego. The journey of my family's moves set into motion my gypsy soul and to this day it keeps the adventure alive for I recently made a big move from Denver, Colorado to Lakeland, Florida. 

I grew up Catholic, and graduated from a Catholic High School. My family wasn't religious, but obviously I had a foundation that involved God and going to Church. I never really got caught up in religion, and it was in college that I started seeking and studying, and I found Native American Shamanism. I fell in love with ceremony, and started my sacred journey.

My fascination led me into the New Age world, but my choices in my 20's led me to step up my spiritual experiences. I had a dire need to heal my own soul, and for a very long time... I dove into healing, reiki massage therapy, reflexology, energy medicine, alternative medicine, intuitive development, and spiritual therapy. All which saved my life emotionally.

In my 30's I entered an international mystery school and studied metaphysics for years, trained as an alchemist, and received high initiations that changed my life! I traveled to my teachings during those years, and at the same time was facilitating my first spiritual center, Sacred Space.

In my 40's I moved to Colorado and opened a new center and Mystery School, Sacred Sanctuary, and for sixteen years shared my wisdom and love for the magic with hundreds of souls!

From my soul to so many... I have walked a life path of spiritual devotion and personal mastery that I am eternally grateful for, as I hope others are as well. It is not easy to change, and to consider being a better person with an individuality and upgrade of self that doesn't fit the norm. Normal I am not, nor do I wish to be. As a seeker, I found answers. As an alchemist, I found myself. As a healer I am able to exist in this world that has in so many ways lost it's magic. As a teacher, I am able to help guide you along your path, and in finding your way. As an initiate I am honored to open the door of initiation. As a woman I am a Goddess. And, as a mother I am blessed. 

I have chosen in this life to serve the Light.   

Om Blessed Be, Lani Renee

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