What You Might Want to Know About Alchemy 

Alchemy is the Sacred Science of Being Spiritual & Living Spiritually.  

A Science that Seeks the Truth. Based on an Ancient Question: Who Are You?

The Possibilities Are Unlimited. It's Potential is Just Beyond Your Reach! 


Be a Part of the Magic!

Alchemy is A World of It's Own...  

Alchemy has many names, and it has a history. It consists of: spirituality & religion, knowledge and it's secrets, the sun & the moon, astrological and earth bound influences, philosophies & theosophy, music & the arts, sacred places & ancient temples, rituals & ceremonies, just to name a few...

Alchemy is like magic, and magic is to take something and to turn it into something else.

I like to think of it in my magical world, as taking who you were, and through whatever spiritual means, teachings, and/or sacred tools, modalities, that are necessary to enlighten you, maybe heal you, or transform you... just so that you can finally unveil the truth to who you truly are!   

Alchemy & Magic: June 19-20, 2021

A Few Myths to Address, and This is Only a Few!

These are some of my favorite magical things...

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards are NOT evil. They are traditionally a deck of 78 cards that reveal the ancient teachings and offer you the keys to personal growth both spiritually, and physically.

Crystals & Stones

Crystals & Stones are the earth's oldest healers, and clear crystal's hold more light naturally than anything else on the planet. They are sacred, and they can only help us when we use them and connect to them.  

Essential Oils

Essential Oils that are organic and therapeutic grade, are one of nature's best medicines, and they each have an intelligence that knows how to balance our bodies energy, and with no side effects, other than maybe skin irritation.


Chakras are super popular, and such a great example of how little the "new age" world shares. It's too much for this little paragraph, but my advice is to seek older teachings.

The Keys That Unlock the Door to Alchemy

Reverence for All That is Sacred

Hermetic, Mystical, Esoteric, and Higher Teachings

Mediation & Intuitive Development


Creativity, Imagination, & Right Use of Will

Energy, Color, Sound, Touch, Movement that Leads to Celebration

Ceremony & Community

Here Are a Few Of My Favorite Alchemy Subjects 

There are so many magical and mystical subjects out there... I hope you discover the ones that best help you realize who, and what you are! And make sure to read, study, practice, meditate, reflect, question, and wonder while you do!

Hermetic Mysticism

"We co-create with the Divine our experience of reality moment-to-moment based on the mental images we habitually hold and choose to energize."

- Paul A. Clark

The MIND is powerful tool, learn to use it well. 

Shadow Work

No one likes Shadow Work, not even me! But it is the path of the spiritual warrior, and everyone needs one of those! It is for any true spiritualist, the best way to obtain one's spiritual integrity

The Shamanic Circle

The Medicine Wheel, Mother Earth, All Creatures on this Planet and Beyond, call us to the Sacred Circle and teach us how to gather and walk in beauty. A time for ceremony.

High Priestess Magic

I love them all, but this is my favorite. The High Priestess Path guides every woman to the altar. It honors the goddess tradition and the sacredness of sisterhood. The magic is beautiful, blessed, & loved.

The Secret of All Alchemy is YOU!

All this time we've existed, and humanity is still struggling. I too, am challenged and often wonder what it all means... why are we here? What's this life for? I don't believe we are meant to suffer, of course unless we hurt ourselves, but honestly, that's not even part of the great plan... it's us missing the mark! So what will it take for you to stop and question everything about yourself and your life... and what will it take to make the changes and trust in the journey that promises you eternal life? I could tell you what I have learned, and what I think about , and contemplate, but our journey's are two unique and beautiful paths that may cross or run parallel for some time... but in the end, we will live in this world, and we will leave this world independently, just as when we arrived...      

So please, take YOU seriously and give yourself the gift of an even better and greater YOU and find your alchemy, no matter what it is... because I promise you, YOU are worth getting to know!