Alchemy & The Mysteries of Initiation

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There are Four Paths & Three Initiations

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. 

Alchemy & the Mysteries of Initiation 

Hello, and welcome to discovering a little bit about Alchemy & The Mysteries of Initiation!

I wish there was a book to tell you to read, or words to completely define what alchemy is, but there isn't. Since the beginning of time, there has always been knowledge and truth of our existence... there has to be, because we are here! We are Living beings still essentially "asleep."

The mystery is within us, all we have to do is be willing to enter our Self! Which may seem so easy, but it is not. Programming, limited education, bad quality of food, distractions, dogma, doubt, fear, etc... all block us from the Light that created us, which is truth, our truth, and the only way to escape that which blocks us is to find the "door" of truth so that one can ENTER!

Alchemy is that door. Alchemy literally teaches you how to unlock the mysteries of who you are, what you are, why you're here, and more... Alchemy also ignites your healing so that change is possible, and empowers you with an initiation that has been handed down from one initiate to an other for centuries.

  • Who are you? What are you? Why are you here?
  • Do you desire to awaken your true self? And, as an alchemist develop the ability to live as a complete I Am?
  • Are you willing to make room for a spiritual practice in your mundane life?
  • Is there room for God-Goddess, Nature, and the Universal Flow to shift your reality into something magical?

If so, you are definitely holding an invitation to Alchemy in your hand... see you when I see you. 

Om Blessed Be, Lani Renee, Alchemist 

Lani's Bio

Dion Fortune

"Unless the study of esoteric science yields the fruits of practical application, it is unworthy of the pursuit of any serious minded person; and unless these fruits be the fruits of spirit, it is unworthy of the study of any spiritually minded person.".

Alchemy & The Mysteries of Initiation

Alchemy is a calling to the soul who seeks truth. Truth of Self, Truth of the Universe, and Truth of Life. Alchemy is not for everyone. Matter of fact, less than 3% of the human race will reach enlightenment through the ageless wisdom handed down through the ages for those wishing to remember who they are, and why they're here. Beyond "Alchemy" is the The Great Plan... and as far as I know, that is hidden in the mystery of life itself.
Alchemy is a two-day teaching-experience-initiation that has the intention, and the power to change your life!
For more information on Alchemy, the next Class, or Initiation, please contact me: [email protected]


The Intuitive Development of Alchemy

One must have a desire to learn beyond one's conventional education. Alchemy requires a curious mind, and intentional discipline. An alchemist's intuitive development and practice is: mindfulness, questioning, imagining, meditating, visualizing, consciously processing knowledge to understand oneself better, and learning to breathe...  

The Shadow Work of Alchemy

The Shadow Work of Alchemy is by far the hardest work, but also possibly the most important work, if one truly wants to manifest their light. The darkness in yourself is real, but it can either be the block or breakthrough when it comes to progressing along your path... and though it is not easy, you get to choose.

The Sacred Lifestyle of Alchemy

Being spiritual or religious, even conscious, requires an alchemist to live accordingly, or with personal responsibility, and integrity. It may look like a personal code in which to live by, or setting into motion a way of living that is both spiritually and physically in alignment with soul and spirit. Ideally, an alchemist would live a clean, healthy, harmonious, and sacred life with a supportive community-family, with ritual & ceremony to honor our circles and sacred cycles of life.

The Blessing of Alchemy

To be initiated an alchemist is to receive a blessing, and a gift of empowerment. There are three initiations offered: alchemist, healer, and guide. One can receive up to 10x's the light in initiation and with that comes: protection, association to The Hierarchy of Light, service to a Council of Light, spiritual guidance, an activation of your true self, and placement within the Holy Guardians who serve here on Earth.      

The Mystery Council

This is a special council, or group of alchemist's who are dedicated to learning the hidden secrets to the teachings, and who are committed to the alchemy & magic of the collective energy that only manifests in the great work of our personal work. 

It is in The Mystery Council where the mystery unveils itself and continually keeps us on path, a path one must be devoted to for life. 

$50 1st Mo./$150 Monthly