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Discover the Magic of February 2021

lani's messages Feb 19, 2021

I Hope You Enjoy the Magic!

In 2021, in light of February's focus, which is to contemplate "the journey," and to question whether or not our journey needs to be reconsidered, or rekindled, I have decided to take on a task that has haunted me for the past 17 years... and that task is technical!

But, before I share my progress with you, I want to inspire you to consider thinking about something that you have always wanted to accomplish, or at least start, and say, maybe it's time you go for it!

February, which is also the second house, or our toddler years, and the house that happens to reflect our childhood battles and upbringing, can be quite limiting, and frustrating. There is a reality, that we only know what we know, or what we learned, until we choose to learn how to get up, just like a toddler when they try to walk and fall down, and try again! And eventually... we all stopped falling down, but maybe we also stopped trying!

But life has a way to get in the way doesn't...

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The Kybalion

lani's messages Feb 09, 2021

I have often wondered why we seek the mysteries... and maybe the mystery has it's own wonders of why we should seek. Is there a point that must exist for either to happen? Possibly...

It is written on the very first page of The Kybalion..."The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding."

I, and many, would agree that seeking the truth is a sacred journey that only the few are ready for... so alchemist's, I hope you are ready for the truth!

To access the secrets we must all be dared to know, be willing to learn, and always be humble in our ways. When you're ready... you will understand.

For now... let's take each step reverently, with respect for the teachings and their rituals, in tuned to the universal ways, opening our hearts as much as possible, creatively expanding ourselves, sacredly finding balance, and honoring this life.

Amen. Aho. Namaste. Om Blessed Be.  

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FULL MOON Magic - January 28, 2021

full moon magic Jan 28, 2021


Elements To Work With:

Crystal: Hematite

Crystal Energy: Hematite helps to absorb negative energy and calms in times of stress or worry.

Trees: Birch, Hazel Herbs: Thistle, Nuts and Seeds, Marjoram

Element: Air

Scents: Pine, Juniper, Ginger, and Musk

Colors: White & Violet

• • •

Hello Everyone... I have a magical alchemist who is going to keep us in sync with the Moon cycles in 2021...her name is Nicole Leigh! Here is the first Full Moon Message, please enjoy! Namaste, Lani Renee

• • •

As I journey down my path of mystery, I HOWL; and call in my Sacred Sisterhood, learning the ageless Goddess traditions. I am humbled by the Magic of the MOON, its mere size reminds me that we are but one spark in this universe of MAGIC. Through my exploration, I encountered many different articles about the WOLF or COLD MOON that then led me into a deep abyss of reading about the FULL MOON and all its Glory.

The FULL MOON has had a...

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2021: 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5!

white eagle message Jan 07, 2021

2021 Offers the Numerology of 5...

1. Who are we...

2. What are we...

3. Where did we come from...

4. What is our purpose...

5. Where are we going...

21 is the Number of XXI The World in the Tarot System

O The Fool is YOUR Journey in 2021!  Are you on path...?

I The Magician is YOU!  Do You Know Thyself...?

II The High Priestess is Your Choice to Choose either the Light or Dark.  Choose well...

III The Empress is Your Feminine Energy!  Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

IV The Emperor is Your Masculine Energy!  Are You Taking Care of Business?

V The Hierophant is the Number 5 in the Tarot Major Arcana's!  There is always more to Learn about Yourself!

VI The Lovers is what all Learning leads to...  Is there Love in Your Life?

VII The Chariot is Motion!  Are You Progressing?  Traveling?  Evolving?  Living?

VIII-XIV is for those who have mastered O-VIII... 

XV-XXI is for those who have mastered VIII-XIV... 

2021 is a big...

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It's Time To Say Goodbye...

lani's messages Dec 18, 2020

Goodbye 2020...

Before the year ends, take a moment to say goodbye. Goodbye to the year, that threw many of us through a loop, but also provided us with a new view of the world. Maybe you need to say goodbye to the way things use to be so that you can start anew. I'd like to say goodbye to my shortcomings, how about you?  

Goodbye separation! Hello reconnection! Goodbye angst! Hello goodwill! Goodbye lies! Hello truth! Goodbye pain! Hello freedom! Goodbye inertia! Hello Movement! 

Goodbye "I'm wasting time!" Goodbye "I can't do this!" Goodbye "My old way of life!" GOODBYE ALL THAT DOES NOT SERVE ME... GOODBYE!

Speak out loud, or in prayer. Write it down, and maybe share it, or burn it. Cry, or let yourself feel the relief and laugh when you're done! What ever you do... give yourself permission to let go! It's that time of year, and know that every December offers us the gift of releasing a year's worth of "whatever," and this year has given us quite a bit, even in the...

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The 2021 Master Wheel is Here!

life wheel magic Dec 17, 2020

Do You Have a Life Wheel? Are you ready for a new and masterful Life Wheel to bring in the new year, 2021, and a wheel that will guide you and your life for the next XXI years?!!

The 2021 Master Wheel is Here! And it's beyond amazing, and super magical! Right when you think you can't possibly get better, or create a second chance in life... this happens! I am so excited to introduce the next evolution of The Life Wheel, inspired by The New Master Program of Alchemy and Higher Magic, for anyone who is ready to upgrade their original cycle and go for mastery! 

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🎄Holiday Gift Certificates

gift certificate Dec 04, 2020

Happy Holiday's!

I want to say "thank you" for a magical year and give the gift of love to anyone who may need a reading or healing massage during the holiday's this year! Gift yourself, or someone you love! Purchase your gift certificate's by December 24th, 2020 and receive $50 Off! (Valid until March 2, 2021). Enjoy a Reading: $50 ($100 value), or a Healing Massage: $75 ($125 value).

Namaste, & Merry Christmas ~ Lani Renee

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Namaste 2020!

message Dec 04, 2020

GOODBYE 2020!  And... thank you

This has been a year of unimaginable times! A year I never thought I'd have to reflect on... Less than 12 months of one cycle in the evolution of time... and our lives are forever changed! My way of life, is forever changed.

It's difficult to wonder if life will ever be the same, though history does repeat itself... and this is one chapter of humanity's history that most of us were not ready for. Pandemics, collective fear, shut downs, control, politics, upheaval, curfews, depression, loss of life, loss of income, loss of security, what's next? No God? No community? No path of light guiding us out of this mess? Do you even know that one of the emotions attached to a virus is "can't?" Yes, CAN'T! We can't do this, and you can't do that... just don't because you can't!  

Seriously, what happened in 2020? What happened to us? There is something happening and it is BIG, and unknown to most, that's the part of history that's repeating...

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Shadow Workshop: The Path of the Warrior

upcoming course Oct 15, 2020

There is a battle of good and evil... there has always been a battle of Good & Evil! The question is, which side are you on? Truly that is... not which side do you want to be on, but which side do you devote yourself to, and prosper in, while being fully aware of the other side's attacks on you?  

In today's world, humanity has become numb to the consequences of being bad, and honestly, it's become quite popular to be bad while thinking one is good. When you have Hollywood making violence cool, and the music industry projecting ignorant truths to the innocence of ears, let alone religious institutions getting away with crimes against children, and technological warfare repeating the devastation of ancient times... how are we to ever discern, let alone decide what is good for us and what is bad? Evil is everywhere!

I am a warrior, I have always been a warrior. A trained and experienced exorcist, and a ritual master. The things I have seen and have been witnessed to...

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November Series: Create Your 2021 Master Wheel!

upcoming course Oct 10, 2020

Are You Ready for 2021? I think everyone is, especially if you turn your wheel every year with me! If this will be your first year to put the new year into motion, welcome to the magic! Every year at this time we namaste the current year, reflect on it's cycle, and undertake the magical process that is inspired with a new focus & yearly intention! And in November, I will introduce THE 2021 MASTER WHEEL!

The 2021 Master Wheel will be a masterful blueprint based on my 21 years of setting every new year into motion, with the elements of practical alchemy to support it, and room for your goals and creativity to not only put the new year of 2021 into motion, but the next 21 years of your life! So as I complete XXI, and begin a new journey as "O The Fool," because we know how long it can take sometimes to truly master something, especially ourselves and our lives, I invite you to join me this year, next year, or how ever you wish to progress......

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