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A Prayer to the XIII Clan Mothers

prayers Sep 22, 2020

Create a sacred space... and say "I, your name, Call in the 13 Clan Mothers: I She Who Connects to All Living Things; II She Who Wisely Teaches the Sacred Traditions; III She Who Balances the Justice of Divine Law; IV She Who Sees the Great Mystery's Vision; V She Who Listens in Stillness; VI She Who Shares the Stories of the Ancestors; VII She Who Loves Sacredly; VIII She Who Heals Birth to Death; IX She Who Fearlessly Looks Within; X She Who Serves the Secrets of Creation; XI She Who Walks in Beauty; XII She Who Gives and Receives in Gratitude; and XIII She Who is Maiden-Mother-Crone."    

Then breathe and close your eyes and imagine the 13 Clan Mothers gathered in a sacred circle around you, offering you all of their qualities... you will take in what you're ready for, and you will be pushed to release what's blocking you from receiving... so keep breathing! The energy exchange is sacred medicine. Be humble, and be grateful.

Complete by saying, "I, your name, thank you for your circle, and I pray that this holy and sacred circle continues to heal me and the planet, awakening humanity to the the truth-love-justice that is needed right now. And I pray to heavenly father, and sacred mother, for balance. I pray for self-awareness, and good-heartedness. And I pray for the manifestation of light, and for the power of love to restore the soul of the earth. For all of this, I pray. I Am, your name, namaste."      

AND AS YOU ALL PRAY, I WILL BE PRAYING. Lani Renee, Maiden-Mother Crone, She Who is Magically Sacred. Aho. 


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