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Discover the Magic of February 2021

lani's messages Feb 19, 2021

I Hope You Enjoy the Magic!

In 2021, in light of February's focus, which is to contemplate "the journey," and to question whether or not our journey needs to be reconsidered, or rekindled, I have decided to take on a task that has haunted me for the past 17 years... and that task is technical!

But, before I share my progress with you, I want to inspire you to consider thinking about something that you have always wanted to accomplish, or at least start, and say, maybe it's time you go for it!

February, which is also the second house, or our toddler years, and the house that happens to reflect our childhood battles and upbringing, can be quite limiting, and frustrating. There is a reality, that we only know what we know, or what we learned, until we choose to learn how to get up, just like a toddler when they try to walk and fall down, and try again! And eventually... we all stopped falling down, but maybe we also stopped trying!

But life has a way to get in the way doesn't it? And sometimes it's easier to let our dreams fade away... rather than fight for what we know is true to our destiny! Well, I'm living proof this month that anything is possible, and when I decided to stop being distracted, and swayed here and there, and finally realized that I was the only one who can pick myself up and learn how to do something that I thought I didn't want to do but actually had it inside of me this whole time! IT'S ABSOLUTELY LIBERATING!   

And, we don't have to be perfect! And, our tasks don't have to be complete, but rather a reflection of our hard work and most importantly, our journey! The magic begins in our dream, which becomes a goal, and someday, it becomes a reality! Just like taking out first steps once a upon a time ago... if only we could remember how liberating it was to take that first step in life! 

Below I am sharing with you my journey this month... my website and it's New Look! My inspiration came when my dear friend, Patience, shared with me her website's new look:, and I was immediately set into motion! This is how magic works... and I hope if you struggle with technology like I do, and have a website, blog, or platform you work with, that maybe you too will be inspired! Because "inspiration" is contagious!

Please be a part of my journey and check out my website! All of my pages have been redesigned, and maybe you'll get something you need today! A message, a sign, or a bit of magic! A spark... to remember your dreams!

Also, you can now book your time with me online! It's just all so exciting, and I'm so grateful, and I trust in divine timing, and believe me, if I can do it, you can! Thank you for letting me share... now I hope you enjoy the magic! 

Om Blessed Be, Lani Renee


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