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FULL MOON Magic - January 28, 2021

full moon magic Jan 28, 2021


Elements To Work With:

Crystal: Hematite

Crystal Energy: Hematite helps to absorb negative energy and calms in times of stress or worry.

Trees: Birch, Hazel Herbs: Thistle, Nuts and Seeds, Marjoram

Element: Air

Scents: Pine, Juniper, Ginger, and Musk

Colors: White & Violet

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Hello Everyone... I have a magical alchemist who is going to keep us in sync with the Moon cycles in 2021...her name is Nicole Leigh! Here is the first Full Moon Message, please enjoy! Namaste, Lani Renee

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As I journey down my path of mystery, I HOWL; and call in my Sacred Sisterhood, learning the ageless Goddess traditions. I am humbled by the Magic of the MOON, its mere size reminds me that we are but one spark in this universe of MAGIC. Through my exploration, I encountered many different articles about the WOLF or COLD MOON that then led me into a deep abyss of reading about the FULL MOON and all its Glory.

The FULL MOON has had a mystical effect on the Earth and its people since the beginning of time, if you look into any ancient culture you will find references to the MOON.  FULL MOONS and NEW MOONS represent new beginnings. Their influence can empower you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace bold changes in your life or step back and reflect on personal issues close to your heart. In the coming months Lani has blessed me with the honor to learn and teach about the FULL MOONS.

I invite you to explore the meaning behind each month’s FULL MOON so you may harness their power to best benefit your individual needs throughout the year. 

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What glorious gift we have been given, to witness another cycle of the MOON on Thursday, January 28, 2021 - The First FULL MOON of 2021! Doesn’t it just make you want to HOWL!

The WOLF MOON also referred to as the COLD MOON, ICE MOON, or SNOW MOON, for obvious reasons, marks the beginning of the year and is the perfect time to set your intentions for this year by the light of the MOON and let your inner wolf howl!

The FULL MOON offers the most profound energies that we can absorb, it is a time of great power and the perfect time to be at your altar, where energy is in abundance. The FULL MOON reaches its peak on Thursday, January 28, at 12:16 PM MST, or 2:16 PM EST or 7:16 PM UTC. However, the MOON won’t be visible until it rises above the horizon around sunset this evening.

You DO NOT need to see the FULL MOON to make your requests and intentions to the Divine, the MOON is always there whether it can be seen or not. It is still in cycle during daylight. Call in its power.

This FULL MOON of January is influenced by the LEO MOON, regardless of your MOON sign, during this MOON you will have a strong desire to let others know how you feel. Shed the thoughts that cloud your mind's sky. You’ll have a desire to tell people that you love them, or express appreciation for them. This may also be a time when you feel an overwhelming need to end things or find closure. During this time of year, we may feel a bit of a chill, slowness, or off from our bodies as our body is adjusting to the colder temperatures.  It is easy to choose to lie on the couch and become one with your blankets and huddle close to your family and friends, seeking their warmth. The January FULL MOON significance is that this MOON is not just about emotions, but it is about closeness. Some say it is a good time to work on relationships, partnerships, and matters of the Heart. It is a good time to work on new ventures or projects that require study time. Self-exploration. This FULL MOON will emphasize how fluent we are to the emotions that are attached to our communication, how much we share, and how much we relate to others.

For many people, winter is a season of simplification. Set aside everything you don't need and try a minimalist approach instead. On a mundane level, try doing a thorough cleaning of your physical space - get rid of the clutter. On a spiritual and emotional level, try to do the same thing - teach your mind to LET GO of the things that are creating excess baggage for your spirit and soul.

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What a magnificent time to work on MAGIC, FULL MOON MAGIC - after all, the nights are long and dark, and in some areas, the MOON itself is the only source of light. As January comes to a close, and the next FULL MOON cycle begins, use this time to put aside your lethargy and focus your energy on developing your intuition and wisdom. Be guided by the FULL MOON, work on Magic related to strength, protection, both physical and spiritual. Use this time to develop your inner self, and advance spiritually, becoming closer to the higher aspects of your deities. Take the time in your schedule to meditate and think about what it is you really want out of this year, this life, and whether you are showing people your true self.

The Archangel that will be residing over this January FULL MOON is HANIEL, she comes in the form of a female and her name means Grace of God. She is the Angel of Joy. She works to direct people who are searching for fulfillment to God, who is the source of all joy. She can help you understand the mysteries of your life. 

On this day, invoke and honor Archangel Haniel asking for guidance to your questions, for a vision or a dream message, write down what comes to you, in meditation or in your dreams, even if it is just one word or number.

Finally, depending upon Mother Nature, January’s FULL MOON will either be bright and bold or blanketed by clouds, but it will be magnificently alluring, seductive, and cunning. A symbolic lesson that spiritual progress is sometimes subtle and happens through Magic, behind the scenes of our mental barriers. Remember, like the wolf, we are resourceful, patient, seekers, and we too can HOWL at the MOON for our inner strength and to rally our Sacred Sisters.

The Divine In Me, Honors The Divine In You. LOVE Heals. Period.

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Nicole Leigh Magic

January 28, 2021 • 12:16

0+1+2+8+2+0+2+1+1+2+1+6 = 26 | 2+6 = VIII STRENGTH

Confidence, Inner Strength, Potency, Self-Belief, Virility, Vitality


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