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Health & Wellness

health & wellness message Sep 17, 2020

Summer is coming to an end, and Fall is approaching! As nature cycles, so do we, and it's important to stay healthy and to listen to the body. What does your body need? Exercise, rest, better nutrition, or a massage? Awe... we always need a massage :)

How about time in nature? Have you grounded lately? Bare feet on the grass... or in the sand on the shore? We truly need to reconnect to the earth's frequency often, so before there's snowfall... at least here in Colorado, let's get some medicine from Gaia.

There is also the effect of the hurricanes on the East Coast, and the fires on the West Coast that need our attention. We are not separate from what is happening around us, even though at times we may feel helpless... but what if nature responds to our collective input? So I'd say we have some adjusting to do!

What if:

  • We all did a little ceremony to thank the universe for the balance of life.
  • Offered the earth our gratitude for all things we've been given in this life. 
  • Did a little cleaning, decluttering, and letting go to create some fresh space! 
  • Blessed our food and water before consuming.
  • Prayed for homeostasis, good health & wellness.
  • Affirmed "As Above, So Below," and "As Within, So Without."

Do you believe it would or could help the planet, nature's cycles, and our bodies find harmony & balance? I do... because we are the microcosm of the macrocosm of this vast universe! We are being tested, or we are simply spinning out of control and the elements, and the universe are screaming loud and clear! 

Universal Law: Live in Balance. Find Homeostasis Within. Respect the Forces of Nature. Know Right vs. Wrong, and Choose to Do Good. Love Often. Life is Sacred. You are Sacred. We are Sacred. 

Namaste, Lani Renee 



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