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magical testimonies Sep 18, 2020

Thank you K.K.A.

Dearest Nefe,

It is nearly halfway into September, the month where our sacred Rite of Passage is to be honored as the promise of fall unfolds. I have spent the nite before, in quiet contemplation, as hurricane force winds swirl around my little home in the Florida panhandle, reflecting on the moon and her mysteries as my life in the deep south continues to evolve during this liminal time of human suffering ,and trials too unbearable to comprehend. Yet I know there is a Divine plan, and that is the path I am called to follow because I am a part of it. Well meaning Friends tell me I should be worried, pack my ‘go bag’ and leave before the next storm hits. But I am not led to do so. Rather, I am led to remain rooted in place, close to the things I love, what comforts me, what supports me, no matter what happens with the weather, no matter what I am told to fear, because, as writer Frank Herbert (of Dune) poignantly penned so many decades ago…”I must not fear. Fear is the Mind Killer.Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me, and when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. only I will remain.”


And Nefe, as I write this narrative, my thoughts harken back to the very first time we met on this earthly plane, during Angels in August, 2014, in your beautiful temple in Old Arvada, although I am sure we met many life cycles ago in dream time.  And though I thought at the time it was by coincidence I came upon the Sacred Sanctuary, you and I both know that in the only life truly worth living, there is no such thing, rather, a plan we know little about, and that it plays out perfectly and magically set in motion when two souls meet, and are joined by others along the way. .Alchemy, then HP paths. I will never forget that evening, and our first reading, when I knew nothing of how my life would unfold living near the Rockies, that I would soon lose the most important person in my life, and be faced with so much it was hard to breathe or take a step forward. Because every step led me further away from what was familiar, and comfortable, and real. But the strength of your guidance, wisdom and the work I put into the process was what saved me and gave me the courage to answer the call to Mother Ocean, to replace the powdery white snow with the alabaster sand of the gulf, to find true healing from the sea. And a sistership I thought I would never find, a spiritual community that has warmly embraced me and where I have found a home.


Over the past 6 years I have dedicated my life and work to honoring the teachings of the temple, finding ways to weave the wisdom of the old ways into life in the present, the kind of practical spirituality you offered to those at the Temple, because to keep it unto ourselves, the magic has no potency or power to change the world, to bring it light in the darkness. And that it is in union with another cherished, sacred souls is where we find the real magic. Ourselves. And each other.

Nefe, as a token of love and gratitude for the way your teachings have helped me through the most extraordinarily difficult passage from loss to rebirth in ways that defy grounded words, I offer you my soul by living a life of true service to others, by sharing the magic without giving up her secrets, to living a life of service, and sharing my gifts and talents with those whose lives I touch. I will continue to demonstrate my commitment through creating beauty throughout my home, by growing healthy food to share, by beautifying my altar and that of the church I attend as a flower guild member,  by growing in my understanding of biblical theology through my 4 year program at Tennessee University, by leading beach cleanup efforts in my community, and tending to my sacred cats. I will remain committed to love, not necessarily an intimate relationship with a man, but rather an intimate relationship with the divine, never defining myself by who loves me. Instead, who it is that I have come to love as that love serves me alone. That is part of the sacrifice I make in honor of the Hierarchy of Light and my role on the Mystery Council.

I am also prepared to uphold the Magical Code of Morality that every HP should follow if there is to be true integrity on this path, and to not succumb to the vile, toxic immorality of the world, by detaching from the endless media circus of violence, pain and suffering as it does not feed my HP self. I am today, turning away from it as a steady diet to fill the empty hours of isolation that surrounds me, and instead, reach out to those who need a kind word, letter, or virtual hand to hold.

As a tribute to all I have learned, earned and left behind, I will continue to till the soil for which I have been blessed, growing fresh herbs and vegetables, relying more on what I create from my own hands, than what the world has to offer. I will not waste a square yard or moment of the gift I have been given as I know how easily it could be lost and never replaced. I will continue to burn my candles daily, cedar wood burn in the hearth when winter finally arrives, and looks for ways to increase my magic through my presence on earth, until the moment when we are all swept up into Glory and enter the Hierarchy of Light, joined in love forever.

Til then, and always,

I remain ever yours in the hierarchy of light. Namaste


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