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Moon Magic!

upcoming course Sep 02, 2020

It's September 2nd, 2020, a Full Moon... and though it's hard to believe the year is well half way over, it feels like time has stood still.  Maybe it's in that stillness we get to stop and reflect on what's really happening right now?  I love September-to-October because it's a magical time, and we really need some magic right now!  September is starting with a full moon, and October has two full moon's: the 1st, and the 31st!  That's super magical in my world!

I invite you to share moontime with me this month... to go outside at night and look up!  To wonder... to question... to rekindle your spiritual nature... and to remember something about yourself, and/or your life!  It is this time every year, as we approach winter, that nature offers us time to unplug, and to process our progression.  For those who don't, are assured to simply repeat.

The moon cycles every month, and She has four phases within that month.  I'm an alchemist so I relate everything to the four elements, and the four paths, or the four seasons, and now the four phases!  How can you relate your own cycle to an evolution that takes place every 28-31 days?

A new beginning?  A new idea?  A new relationship?  A new path?  A fresh start?  Your next magical intention?  A new move?  A new life?  The possibilities are endless... the universe promises us this in the beginning, and the moon reminds us of this through it's cycle that ebb and flows.  We ebb and flow... and we carry so much potential, though I will say it takes time, and dedication to lifting the veil to that potential! 

I personally, never understood astrology well, though I have always appreciated it's mystical cosmic roots.  Astrological influences are real, and invisibly guide us throughout life!  I tend to hear "mercury retrograde" too much and honestly, it's not a true depiction of what is really going on up there in our glorious universe!  Mercury is actually connected to our "soul," in a much deeper metaphysical understanding, but so are all planetary, sun & moon, stars & galaxies as well!  Again, this is just a personal thing, but don't put yourself, or your life on hold because of "mercury retrograde," matter of fact, maybe put yourself in high gear!

Back to the moon... and when She is Full, go out at night and look up into Her mystical womb and let your eyes see the light and breathe... and remember.  You and I, we are like the moon, "full" of light and potential.  The mystery is the only thing separating us.  Maybe your're inability to intuitively remember is slowing you down, or the world's distractions have more of your attention, what ever it may be, I promise you one thing... The Mystery is Always Calling You to Listen, to Awaken, and to Know. 


Happy moon time! Make it magical!

Namaste, Lani Renee                  


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