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Namaste 2020!

message Dec 04, 2020

GOODBYE 2020!  And... thank you🖤

This has been a year of unimaginable times! A year I never thought I'd have to reflect on... Less than 12 months of one cycle in the evolution of time... and our lives are forever changed! My way of life, is forever changed.

It's difficult to wonder if life will ever be the same, though history does repeat itself... and this is one chapter of humanity's history that most of us were not ready for. Pandemics, collective fear, shut downs, control, politics, upheaval, curfews, depression, loss of life, loss of income, loss of security, what's next? No God? No community? No path of light guiding us out of this mess? Do you even know that one of the emotions attached to a virus is "can't?" Yes, CAN'T! We can't do this, and you can't do that... just don't because you can't!  

Seriously, what happened in 2020? What happened to us? There is something happening and it is BIG, and unknown to most, that's the part of history that's repeating itself.. so please take care of you, and ask lots of questions, and know that you CAN!

Here's my Namaste to 2020...

  • I Can Be Healthy, and I Need to Be Healthy!
  • I Can Love My Family, Within 6 Feet!
  • I Can Breathe Fresh Air, Without a Mask On!
  • I Can Enjoy My Freedom, I Live in America!
  • I Can Respect Universal Law, and NOT Those Who Break It!
  • I Can Work, and I Need to Work! That is Essential for All! 
  • I Can Speak My Truth, And I Wish You Could Hear Me!
  • I Can Be Spiritual, That is One Thing That Will Never Be Taken Away!
  • I Can Want My Child to Be In School, it's Her Right to Learn!
  • I Can Fight Off a Virus, Bacteria, Illness, Stress, Without Fear!
  • I Can Love.
  • I Can Pray.
  • I Can Hope for a Better World.
  • I Can Overcome This, But It Sure Would Be Easier If We Did It Together!💗  

2020 Will Never Be Forgotten, But I Will Absolutely Do My Best To Bring in 2021... with Spirit as my Guide, the Light on my Side, and the Warrior in Me Kicking Some Serious Ass!  ~Lani Renee  



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