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New Moon Message

message Sep 17, 2020

New Moon Magic: September 17, 2020

Tonight we have a New Moon... which will move into Full Moon on October 1st, and again on October 31st! This is beautiful magic, and a great opportunity for us all to make time to commune with our desires for new beginnings, or fresh starts! A New Moon comes once a month, twelve times a year, however in 2020 there are 13 New Moon's! More MAGIC! 

I have always loved the moon, but it was not until recently that I dedicated my alchemy & magic to the Her... and all I can share with you, is that I wish I had done so long ago! I know there is a lot of moon magic out there... but I invite you to be with the moon in a personal way, and in that space to discover the sacred parts of you that are hidden. The moon's mysterious ways are also hidden, but I have realized that it is through our own relationship with the mystery that all unfolds...

New Moon = New Cycle. New Intention. New Relationship with the Moon, and Self. Gather with Her alone, or with your sacred sisters, even your heavenly one's! Give yourself the gift of a "moon circle," and enjoy being magical!

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