Details on The High Priestess Path: July 2021-April 2022!

November Series: Create Your 2021 Master Wheel!

upcoming course Oct 10, 2020

Are You Ready for 2021? I think everyone is, especially if you turn your wheel every year with me! If this will be your first year to put the new year into motion, welcome to the magic! Every year at this time we namaste the current year, reflect on it's cycle, and undertake the magical process that is inspired with a new focus & yearly intention! And in November, I will introduce THE 2021 MASTER WHEEL!

The 2021 Master Wheel will be a masterful blueprint based on my 21 years of setting every new year into motion, with the elements of practical alchemy to support it, and room for your goals and creativity to not only put the new year of 2021 into motion, but the next 21 years of your life! So as I complete XXI, and begin a new journey as "O The Fool," because we know how long it can take sometimes to truly master something, especially ourselves and our lives, I invite you to join me this year, next year, or how ever you wish to progress... but with this 2021 Wheel, you'll have a tool and you'll be set to turn your wheel as you see fit! 

2021 will be The Master Wheel dedicated to O The Fool

2022 will be The Master Wheel dedicated to I The Magician

2023 will be The Master Wheel dedicated to II The High Priestess, etc...

The Tarot System will be this Wheel's Guide! Every year the wheel will be influenced and supported by the tarot's ageless wisdom and magical practices! So, you can apply your tarot knowledge to your wheel, or learn the tarot through your wheel... this is the alchemy & magic of our wheel's!



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