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October Series: Learn the Secrets of Cauldron Magic!

upcoming course Sep 15, 2020

Join Me for a Month of Magic in October! October always comes around and we naturally begin to feel more magical and closer to the universe because the veil is thinner. Our days get shorter, the weather becomes cooler, and the stars shine brighter. It was a magical time in ancient days, when our connection to the divine and spirit was still celebrated! Today, we have Halloween without the sacred significance, though this year I would like to bring it back and honor it's true nature. To make it a time to reflect and go within, through the mystical doorway that opens to us every year at the end of October!

STARTS on October 13th!

Tuesday, Oct. 13: Learn How to Ignite the Cauldron & Invoke the Elements of Magic: Within & Without 

Tuesday, Oct. 20Learn How to Enter the Womb of the Cauldron & Create Harmony in the Sacred Circle

Tuesday, Oct. 27Experience the Magic of the Cauldron & Celebrate Womanhood

The practice of being magical takes years, and develops over time. I have been studying, practicing, and mastering my magic for almost three decades, and I have learned to never take the work lightly. Typically students of elemental magic are on path for one year before the cauldron is ever lit! So if you are drawn to joining me for October's Magic Series here are few details...

- The series will be done in person, so it's limited to 13 people, and will take place outside.

- Be prepared to dress warm, and once you sign-up, you will receive the "dress code."

- It's best if you have a spiritual practice in motion, such as alchemy for example, but please do not  consider taking this series if you're simply curious and wanting to be entertained during what many view as the "Halloween Season." This is not a Wiccan or "witch" thing at all! 

- You will need a mortar & pestle for our herbs, and a small vase of flowers to offer the altar.

- You can bring a journal or notebook to capture the magic.

I will supply everything else we need!

My intention for October Magic is to the light the cauldron every week! And to connect to both the universal womb of the divine, and to the womb of Gaia, so that we can strengthen our connections to both As Above-So Below, ourselves, and each other. I will dedicate the magic to the two Full Moon's in October, to our divine femininity, and to the sacred sisterhood. We will celebrate our spiritual practice and abundant lives! All I hope for.. is that you join me sincerely, willing to tap into your own beauty, and honor respectfully these sacred ways.


Lani Renee, Ordained High Priestess   



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