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It's Time To Say Goodbye...

lani's messages Dec 18, 2020

Goodbye 2020...

Before the year ends, take a moment to say goodbye. Goodbye to the year, that threw many of us through a loop, but also provided us with a new view of the world. Maybe you need to say goodbye to the way things use to be so that you can start anew. I'd like to say goodbye to my shortcomings, how about you?  

Goodbye separation! Hello reconnection! Goodbye angst! Hello goodwill! Goodbye lies! Hello truth! Goodbye pain! Hello freedom! Goodbye inertia! Hello Movement! 

Goodbye "I'm wasting time!" Goodbye "I can't do this!" Goodbye "My old way of life!" GOODBYE ALL THAT DOES NOT SERVE ME... GOODBYE!

Speak out loud, or in prayer. Write it down, and maybe share it, or burn it. Cry, or let yourself feel the relief and laugh when you're done! What ever you do... give yourself permission to let go! It's that time of year, and know that every December offers us the gift of releasing a year's worth of "whatever," and this year has given us quite a bit, even in the lack of, so just let go!!! It's powerful medicine, and it prepares us to step into the new year ready to go! 

So, here's to my goodbye...

I say goodbye to what was, even to what I thought would be... for I see it no longer serves me. I say goodbye to all the missed opportunities and magical moments that I put into motion for 2020 and trust they weren't meant for me. But if they were, goodbye. Goodbye to the forces that blocked me, and to my relations that let me down. Goodbye to the stagnation, and procrastination, you're time will end at the stroke of midnight December 31st, 2020! Big sigh... goodbye. Goodbye to what I thought was real and meant for me, and goodbye to all those, big and small, who do not want the best for me. If I have learned one thing in 2020, it is that I am the only one who can truly wish the very best for me... so know that I wish you have a similar wish for yourself in the coming new year!

May 2021 be the time we take our power back! May we all learn to cherish our lives, and our relations in the coming year! May we value good health and personal wealth. May we be happy...


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