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The Turning of the Wheel

message Oct 08, 2020

This message may or may not be for you, but I've been on a journey recently that offered me some big revelations... and I'm convinced now that life is to precious to waste.

There comes a time in life when you find yourself at a crossroad.  The past slowly fades away, but it will always resurface until we face it and settle the score. Whether it be someone, or something, the past is a fingerprint in the present, and will rename itself in the future... Have you come to your crossroad yet? I have...

Life is a journey that has a way of playing itself out... I for one am very aware of my wheel and how it can get stuck in the mud, or move into my next brilliant revelation! But when our wheel's get side swiped by another's wheel... it's hard to navigate whether it's our work, or theirs. But here's my advice, don't underestimate how destructive, or exhausting it can be to try to maneuver someone else's wheel! Look at how hard it is, or how much effort it takes to get our own personal wheel's moving in the right direction!  

Who's wheel might yours tango with? That's a loaded question, but here's some examples...your spouse, partner, your children, ex, or their children, your friends, their partners, family members, relatives, bosses, neighbors... even strangers! Think of rush hour traffic, and imagine everyone's soul is trying to get somewhere, but everyone on the road is getting in the way! Ugh right?

So, life is short, and maybe because much of it gets wasted on people and stories that just don't serve us, or our journey's. I wish someone would have enlightened me on what I've learned recently a long time ago...  Again, this may or may not serve you... but here is what I wish to share with you so maybe your life will be lived accordingly and you won't have to waste time like many of us do... and no judgment, no regrets, no blame, no more story, just possibly some good old fashion truth!

  • Don't pretend there's love when there isn't.
  • HEAL what hurts you, so that the people around you can LOVE YOU!
  • Listen to your own words as they are spoken, and digest what you are really saying.
  • When a finger is being pointed at you, know they are pointing three fingers at themselves.
  • Anger is wasted energy. And it kills. Deal with the issue immediately, and if it's unresolvable, walk away.
  • Abuse comes in many forms, none are okay!
  • You do not have to like someone that isn't vibrating equal energy to you, and you know exactly when that is happening! Trust yourself, before you trust anyone who may be manipulating you for their own benefit, and usually to hide their own insecurities.
  • We can't heal others... we can support and guide them, but everyone is responsible for their own personal work, which by the way should and could begin when we are children! 
  • Everyone needs to heal something.
  • Speak your truth. Stand up for yourself. Be kind, but honest... before it gets ugly. It's still truth though... just messy when you mix resentment in with it.
  • You can't change anyone. That is the greatest waste of time. So simply work on changing, and loving yourself.
  • Family isn't always an easy playing field... so know your position. Play the game if you have to, but remember the game will continue and years down the road you'll wonder why you didn't switch teams, or sports...
  • Create your own best version of family, say no to drama, and it's okay if you don't like someone... chances are, they may not like you which is why you didn't like them, and save yourself a lot of time and possible grief and FIND people to be with and grow with who YOU LIKE!
  • Say I'm sorry... Please forgive me... Thank you... I love you... and Namaste the entanglement, bow to the tango that is not going to heal, give the gift of goodbye, shake off the bad energy, lose a couple of pounds, celebrate the moment... and get back to your wheel, yourself, your I Am, your life... and see the sunrise tomorrow! I did... 

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