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The Turning of the Wheel

message Oct 08, 2020

This message may or may not be for you, but I've been on a journey recently that offered me some big revelations... and I'm convinced now that life is to precious to waste.

There comes a time in life when you find yourself at a crossroad.  The past slowly fades away, but it will always resurface until we face it and settle the score. Whether it be someone, or something, the past is a fingerprint in the present, and will rename itself in the future... Have you come to your crossroad yet? I have...

Life is a journey that has a way of playing itself out... I for one am very aware of my wheel and how it can get stuck in the mud, or move into my next brilliant revelation! But when our wheel's get side swiped by another's wheel... it's hard to navigate whether it's our work, or theirs. But here's my advice, don't underestimate how destructive, or exhausting it can be to try to maneuver someone else's wheel! Look at how hard it is, or how much effort it takes to get our own personal...

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A Prayer to the XIII Clan Mothers

prayers Sep 22, 2020

Create a sacred space... and say "I, your name, Call in the 13 Clan Mothers: I She Who Connects to All Living Things; II She Who Wisely Teaches the Sacred Traditions; III She Who Balances the Justice of Divine Law; IV She Who Sees the Great Mystery's Vision; V She Who Listens in Stillness; VI She Who Shares the Stories of the Ancestors; VII She Who Loves Sacredly; VIII She Who Heals Birth to Death; IX She Who Fearlessly Looks Within; X She Who Serves the Secrets of Creation; XI She Who Walks in Beauty; XII She Who Gives and Receives in Gratitude; and XIII She Who is Maiden-Mother-Crone."    

Then breathe and close your eyes and imagine the 13 Clan Mothers gathered in a sacred circle around you, offering you all of their qualities... you will take in what you're ready for, and you will be pushed to release what's blocking you from receiving... so keep breathing! The energy exchange is sacred medicine. Be humble, and be grateful.

Complete by saying, "I, your name, thank...

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Karen Kelly's Story...

magical testimonies Sep 18, 2020

Thank you K.K.A.

Dearest Nefe,

It is nearly halfway into September, the month where our sacred Rite of Passage is to be honored as the promise of fall unfolds. I have spent the nite before, in quiet contemplation, as hurricane force winds swirl around my little home in the Florida panhandle, reflecting on the moon and her mysteries as my life in the deep south continues to evolve during this liminal time of human suffering ,and trials too unbearable to comprehend. Yet I know there is a Divine plan, and that is the path I am called to follow because I am a part of it. Well meaning Friends tell me I should be worried, pack my ‘go bag’ and leave before the next storm hits. But I am not led to do so. Rather, I am led to remain rooted in place, close to the things I love, what comforts me, what supports me, no matter what happens with the weather, no matter what I am told to fear, because, as writer Frank Herbert (of Dune) poignantly penned so many decades ago…”I...

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Health & Wellness

health & wellness message Sep 17, 2020

Summer is coming to an end, and Fall is approaching! As nature cycles, so do we, and it's important to stay healthy and to listen to the body. What does your body need? Exercise, rest, better nutrition, or a massage? Awe... we always need a massage :)

How about time in nature? Have you grounded lately? Bare feet on the grass... or in the sand on the shore? We truly need to reconnect to the earth's frequency often, so before there's snowfall... at least here in Colorado, let's get some medicine from Gaia.

There is also the effect of the hurricanes on the East Coast, and the fires on the West Coast that need our attention. We are not separate from what is happening around us, even though at times we may feel helpless... but what if nature responds to our collective input? So I'd say we have some adjusting to do!

What if:

  • We all did a little ceremony to thank the universe for the balance of life.
  • Offered the earth our gratitude for all things we've been given in this life. 
  • Did a...
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New Moon Message

message Sep 17, 2020

New Moon Magic: September 17, 2020

Tonight we have a New Moon... which will move into Full Moon on October 1st, and again on October 31st! This is beautiful magic, and a great opportunity for us all to make time to commune with our desires for new beginnings, or fresh starts! A New Moon comes once a month, twelve times a year, however in 2020 there are 13 New Moon's! More MAGIC! 

I have always loved the moon, but it was not until recently that I dedicated my alchemy & magic to the Her... and all I can share with you, is that I wish I had done so long ago! I know there is a lot of moon magic out there... but I invite you to be with the moon in a personal way, and in that space to discover the sacred parts of you that are hidden. The moon's mysterious ways are also hidden, but I have realized that it is through our own relationship with the mystery that all unfolds...

New Moon = New Cycle. New Intention. New Relationship with the Moon, and Self. Gather with Her alone, or with...

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November Series: Create Your 2021 Year Wheel!

upcoming course Sep 17, 2020

Are You Ready for 2021? I think everyone is, especially if you turn your wheel every year with me! If this will be your first year to put the new year in motion, welcome to the magic! Every year at this time we namaste the current year, reflect on it's cycle, and undertake the magical process that is inspired every year with a new focus & intention! Sound like a good plan?

2021 needs to come in BIG! We all need a fresh start and a year with JOY! The main theme of next year's process is going to be finding our BLISS! 

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October Series: Learn the Secrets of Cauldron Magic!

upcoming course Sep 15, 2020

Join Me for a Month of Magic in October! October always comes around and we naturally begin to feel more magical and closer to the universe because the veil is thinner. Our days get shorter, the weather becomes cooler, and the stars shine brighter. It was a magical time in ancient days, when our connection to the divine and spirit was still celebrated! Today, we have Halloween without the sacred significance, though this year I would like to bring it back and honor it's true nature. To make it a time to reflect and go within, through the mystical doorway that opens to us every year at the end of October!

STARTS on October 13th!

Tuesday, Oct. 13: Learn How to Ignite the Cauldron & Invoke the Elements of Magic: Within & Without 

Tuesday, Oct. 20Learn How to Enter the Womb of the Cauldron & Create Harmony in the Sacred Circle

Tuesday, Oct. 27Experience the Magic of the Cauldron & Celebrate Womanhood

The practice of being...

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The Alchemy of Qabalah

upcoming course Sep 04, 2020


It's been awhile since the tree of life has shown up on the schedule, so in case you missed the announcement in September's Newsletter, here's a quick reminder!
The Master Program started with Alchemy in August, and will continue until the end of the year.  Those new to Alchemy get the experience of traveling the paths up to initiation in a magical masterful way.  If you've been through the alchemy program and wish to take qabalah, or revisit the study of qabalah to help you better understand your alchemy and what it means to be an alchemist, here's your chance!  

Qabalah is an ideal study and practice to develop your intuition, and provides unlimited tools to expand your consciousness to universal proportions!  It is truly one of those courses you just have to experience to possibly fully comprehend, which is why it so beneficial to those who are on a progressive path. 

This month's focus of study: to relate...

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Moon Magic!

upcoming course Sep 02, 2020

It's September 2nd, 2020, a Full Moon... and though it's hard to believe the year is well half way over, it feels like time has stood still.  Maybe it's in that stillness we get to stop and reflect on what's really happening right now?  I love September-to-October because it's a magical time, and we really need some magic right now!  September is starting with a full moon, and October has two full moon's: the 1st, and the 31st!  That's super magical in my world!

I invite you to share moontime with me this month... to go outside at night and look up!  To wonder... to question... to rekindle your spiritual nature... and to remember something about yourself, and/or your life!  It is this time every year, as we approach winter, that nature offers us time to unplug, and to process our progression.  For those who don't, are assured to simply repeat.

The moon cycles every month, and She has four phases within that month.  I'm an alchemist so I relate...

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