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magical testimonies Sep 18, 2020

Thank you K.K.A.

Dearest Nefe,

It is nearly halfway into September, the month where our sacred Rite of Passage is to be honored as the promise of fall unfolds. I have spent the nite before, in quiet contemplation, as hurricane force winds swirl around my little home in the Florida panhandle, reflecting on the moon and her mysteries as my life in the deep south continues to evolve during this liminal time of human suffering ,and trials too unbearable to comprehend. Yet I know there is a Divine plan, and that is the path I am called to follow because I am a part of it. Well meaning Friends tell me I should be worried, pack my ‘go bag’ and leave before the next storm hits. But I am not led to do so. Rather, I am led to remain rooted in place, close to the things I love, what comforts me, what supports me, no matter what happens with the weather, no matter what I am told to fear, because, as writer Frank Herbert (of Dune) poignantly penned so many decades ago…”I...

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