The Master Program

A Journey. Offering Ancient Knowledge & Truth. For Those Seeking Alchemy & Magic! Masterful Teachings of: Alchemy-Universal Qabalah-Shadow Work-Shamanism-Initiation High Priestess Study & Practice Available to Initiates       

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Masterful Teachings for Opening the Door to the Mysteries of Initiation

Since the beginning of time... there has always been a doorway to the truth. It opens and closes until we are ready to enter. Entering being: when the student is ready, the teacher usually appears. This teacher can also be a healer and/or guide. Circumstances are the details of how we get to where we need to go, but I for one believe, the mystery is our ultimate guide. Trust you have been guided here, and trust there is more to life than what you've been told, or have ever experienced before. The Universe is waiting to show you the unlimited possibilities once the veil is lifted to the mysteries through the ancient teachings that are ageless and needed today! There are V sacred paths, five as in a five-pointed star, and they are as old as time... as all stars are!  

I was initiated in 2003. 

My life was never the same. To be an initiate initiated into the mysteries of ageless times, is humbling. I studied and trained in an international mystery school after many years of seeking and healing what I thought were my "issues," when in reality I was searching for what was missing! I received the teachings, and knew nothing. My I Am was always there just waiting for me to see her! And I have been faithfully progressing through teaching and sharing all I have learned and mastered with hope that I can somehow do my part in making sure you do not have to live your life missing what lies beyond the mystery for you to see! A better and greater version of YOU! To live a better and more fulfilled life. Connected to the Light, and emanating Love.

I Call an Initiate an Alchemist

A human being who knows they are divine in nature and who choose to seek how to know-heal-love themselves by virtue of the ancient knowledge, healing of their soul, and spiritually awakening through Alchemy, and the door of initiation. Once initiated, an alchemist devotes a part of themselves to the teachings and sacred practice of rituals to discover their true I Am.  The magic comes in many ways... but love is the greatest. Amen.🤍

Master Program: Alchemy

A Qabalist is a Learned Intuitive

A seeker who is willing to unlearn everything they learned to learn how to intuitively learn, is the beauty of a qabalist.  A qabalist is a thinker, who seeks to develop psychically, or intuitively, in order to think more consciously.  The Tree of Life is the great symbol of this study, and the Tarot is it's keys.  You would think one would have to be intelligent to take on qabalah, but actually, one gains intelligence through the ascensions of qabalah. As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.⭐     

Master Program: Qabalah

Spiritual Warrior's are My Hero's

A warrior of any kind is a rare soul, and a warrior of the light, even more rare.  In a world where spirituality has become more new age, the history of spirituality reminds us of the battle between good & evil.  Light and darkness.  And the battle is real, so this work may be the most important.  Truth.  Love.  Justice.  Are the virtues of the warrior. Namaste.🙏🏻

Master Program: Shadow Work

My Foundation is Shamanic. Goal: Live Sacredly.

Someone who walks a sacred path, in harmony with both heaven & earth, respecting the elements of life.  A Shaman has always been revered for being a leader, and I believe we all possess shamanic qualities that can inspire those around us, if we should chose to live sacredly. These teachings are sacred. The rituals are sacred. The work, both personal and spiritual, is sacred. We are sacred. Life is sacred. My ultimate dream is bring ceremony back to this sacred life of ours! Aho.🤎      

Master Program: Shamanism

God Bless the Beloved High Priestess

She is sacred.  She is well-studied, and well-disciplined.  She is connected to herself, the light, and true service.  She knows God & Goddess.  She is love.  She is magical.  She is in balance with her elements.  She listens, and she trusts.  She honors the earth, and walks in beauty.  And She lived long ago, and speaks to the heart of every woman...and She longs for Sisterhood. By the Power of 3x3, So Mote it Be.🌼    

More on The High Priestess Path

 The Next Master Program Begins in January 2021!

If you seek the hidden secrets, ancient knowledge, and ageless teachings that have guided mankind since the beginning of time, then you are being called to the Mysteries of Initiation.  There are seeds of wisdom in every culture, religion, philosophy, and tradition, and they are unveiled to you in The Master Program.

There has always been a vision for humanity, what ancients called "The Great Plan." And we humans need to believe in this Plan. Just as there has always been human beings who have devoted their lives to unveiling the mysteries, for their lives have guided mine. And, if I should have the honor of becoming your teacher and guide, I will welcome you into a magical world that bridges the past and the future... awakening you to a moment in time that is so significant, so ageless, and so important!

The Master Program is the legacy of my 30 year journey-study-travels-practice-mastery of my spiritual work, both personal and professional. It is the one gift from so many given to me, that I offer to you. A gift of enlightenment, empowerment, wisdom & understanding, and above all... the most sacred gift and blessing of initiation.

This work is not for everyone. Matter of fact, it is designed for the very few.

Those who chose the light, I welcome you!

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