Lani Renee, Magical Teacher

Metaphysical Teacher of Alchemy & Magic, and Holy Guardian of Sacred Mystery Traditions, Sharing the Ancient Wisdom of Living A Sacred Life.    

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Ageless Alchemy for Today's Seeker's

Do you ever question life? Do wonder if there's more to live for? Tired of a mundane existence that is lacking magic? There are so many unknown's yet there are also so many mysteries that can lift your veil to the truth. Those who seek alchemy, discover themselves! So why not be you? And more importantly... know that you are here to live magically!


Learn the Sacred Tradition of Discovering Your True Self

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Learn the Sacred Tradition of Questioning & Higher Learning

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Learn the Sacred Tradition of Battling One's Shadows

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Learn the Sacred Tradition of Ceremony & Sacred Living

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Learn the Sacred Tradition of Serving in a Temple of Light

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Sacred Mystery Traditions

There are hidden secrets, ancient truths, and ageless teachings that have guided mankind since the beginning of time.  They exist in every culture, religion, philosophy, and tradition, and they cycle in what we call the "past-present-what is to come."

What has always challenged me, is    

Have you ever questioned yourself, or even your life?  Have you ever wished you had the answer to who you truly are and why you're really here?  Welcome to my sacred spiritual world of unlimited and ageless questions that can only come through the journey, and not one simple "answer."  I believe the answer to all of our questions is The Truth!  And the truth is the center of what we seek, but it takes time and work, to get there!

Learn to invest in yourself, anyway that you can!  Let therapy, any type of therapy, be a relief, nourishing, and transformative! Don't be afraid to look at your past-present-future, it's all one magical timeline!  You can do this, you can take care of yourself and benefit from getting help and receiving guidance in so many ways... the key is that YOU are the one you are trying to transform.

A Magical Alchemist

A human being who knows they are divine in nature and seek to know-heal-love thyself by virtue of ancient knowledge, healing their soul, and awakening spiritually.  An alchemist is someone who has been given the teachings and sacred rituals to choose a path towards discovering their true I Am.  The magic comes in many ways... but love is the greatest.

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An Intuitive Qabalist

A seeker who is willing to unlearn everything they learned to learn how to intuitively learn, is the beauty of a qabalist.  A qabalist is a thinker, who seeks to develop psychically, or intuitively, in order to think more consciously.  The Tree of Life is the great symbol of this study, and the Tarot is it's keys.  You would think one would have to be intelligent to take on qabalah, but actually, one gains intelligence through the ascensions of qabalah.       

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A Spiritual Warrior

A warrior of any kind is a rare soul, and a warrior of the light, even more rare.  In a world where spirituality has become more new age, the history of spirituality reminds us of the battle between good & evil.  Light and darkness.  And the battle is real, so this work may be the most important.  Truth.  Love.  Justice.  Are the virtues of the warrior.

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A Shamanic Woman/Man

Someone who walks a sacred path, in harmony with both heaven & earth, respecting the elements of life.  A Shaman has always been revered for being a leader, and I believe we all possess shamanic qualities that can inspire those around us, if we should chose to live sacredly.  Life is a ceremony.      

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A High Priestess

She is sacred.  She is well-studied, and well-disciplined.  She is connected to herself, the light, and true service.  She knows God & Goddess.  She is love.  She is magical.  She is in balance with her elements.  She listens, and she trusts.  She honors the earth, and walks in beauty.  And She lived long ago, and speaks to the heart of every woman...      


"I have been receiving readings and healings with Lani for over ten years.  I was a skeptic at first, as is my nature; but to say she is the real deal would be a disservice to her gifts.  She is so far beyond a 'fortune teller'.  She is a guide to the soul.  She has worked tirelessly with me to help me reach my highest potential in life.  Even after all these years and deep work to know myself, she still pulls out helpful information that may have otherwise gone unnoticed without her mastery."

-Sophia Christina
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