My Upcoming Trip to Denver: May 26 - June 6

I will be available for One-On-One Sessions, a DNA Activations Class & Training, and for Esoteric Reiki & Elemental Healing over Memorial Day! Looking forward to seeing you!

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Esoteric Reiki & Elemental Healing

Sun. & Mon., May 29th & 30th: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

This special class has two intentions: 1) to teach you my healing secrets using Esoteric Reiki, Energy Medicine, and Shamanic Healing. And, 2) to have the class pair up so that your learning is integrated with two-days of a personal transformative healing experience of giving and receiving! (Click on image to audit)

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Private Sessions: May 27th

I would love to see you! I can do a Reading, DNA Activation, DNA Reading, or a Healing. $150/hr

May 27th

Private Sessions: May 31st

I would love to see you! I can do a Reading, DNA Activation, DNA Reading, or a Healing. $150/hr 

May 31st

Private Sessions: June 2nd

I would love to see you! I can do a Reading, DNA Activation, DNA Reading, or a Healing. $150/hr

June 2nd

DNA Activation Class/Training:

Saturday May 28th: 11:00 - 5:00 pm. $350 (Includes DNA Wand)

This powerful class has one requirement: alchemy initiation. Alchemist's, if you're ready to take the next step along your magical path and wish to learn the ancient healing modality: The DNA Activation, that can "light" up the world by lighting up one soul at at time, this would be your opportunity! Only one day of learning & training, but you will receive a healing modality that you will use for life! (Click on image to audit)

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Priestess Magic & Initiations

Saturday, June 4, 2022

2:00 pm - 10:00 pm

We will be gathering at Gaia's Medicine Wheel.

Details are private. This is a very special moment in a priestess's life.

New Priestess Path Begins!

About the DNA Activations...

The DNA Activation is an ancient healing modality that was handed down to me in the mystery traditions, which is why alchemy initiation is required to receive this training. Anyone can receive a DNA Activation, and that is highly recommended, and also why it's important for as many healing alchemist's to learn this modality and to "light up" as many people as possible!

The DNA Activation is essentially an etheric and energetic download of "light" that is transferred in an activation through a very powerful, and sacred ritual of activating. So both you, and who you are activating are actually receiving the Light! 

This class & training is $350, and it does include the DNA wand that I will make for everyone, as my wand was made for me while I was studying in a mystery school. I charge $100/DNA Activation, and I recommend getting activated once a month, as I have for over 10 years now. Therefore, you can activate your family and loved ones, but you can also charge your clients if you are in a healing profession. More will be shared when we are together on May 28th!

Om Blessed Be,

Lani Renee, Initiated Alchemist-Teacher-Guide

Alchemy & The Mysteries of Initiation

About Esoteric Reiki & Elemental Healing...

I have a deep passion, and deeper respect for all healing work, and healing modalities. Most people don't know that I began my spiritual journey by seeking out healer's and different holistic healing modalities, Reiki being one of them. Reflexology, Massage Therapy, Alternative Medicine, Energy Medicine, Hands-on-Healing, Sound Healing, Shamanic Healing, using Essential Oils for Healing, and the Healing Powers of Crystals & Stones... are all definitely a significant part of my work.

Most importantly, I went to healers to heal! I still do, and always will! I believe those of us who seek the unknown and find the mysteries are drawn to the ancient knowledge, but I learned early on why... and it is not get smart, it's actually an inner intelligence that knows we need to heal for any truth to manifest in our lives.

That being said, this Esoteric Reiki & Elemental Healing Class is being offered to enlighten you with what I know, which is a lot for two days, but, also to give you the most powerful experience of healing that you've ever had!

I'm looking for those of you who have experience with Reiki or other healing modalities, like The Healer's Program that I've always taught over Memorial Day weekend in the past, to attend this two-day intensive. This way, we will be able to take your healing to the next level: that which is esoteric in knowledge, energetic in technique, and elemental in nature.

I can't wait! Om Blessed Be,

Lani Renee, Reiki Master, Initiated Esoteric & Shamanic Healer, Licensed Massage Therapist

Remote Healing