Lani Renee, Healing Guide

Gifted Energetic Healer of Sacred Healing Modalities, and a Masterful Guide in Facilitating Body-Soul-Spiritual Healing.  

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Hands-on therapeutic touch that flows universal energy.  

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A therapeutic healing method that integrates energy medicine and shamanic healing.  

Book a Healing


Energy medicine with a focus on balancing elemental energy. 

Book a Healing

The Gift of Healing

Welcome to therapeutic healing, or energy medicine.  Healing was a way of life in ancient times with a sole purpose to stay healthy.  Today, we define "healing" as a need to go to the doctor or get help.  The truth is, every living soul can benefit from healing energy, and it is natural for our DNA to receive light and heal.

Light is energy.  Light is a frequency, and carries sound.  Light is vibrational medicine that has an intelligence that speaks to our body-soul-spiritual connection.  And our natural connection craves balance, and harmony.  Why we aren't taught this in culture remains a mystery, though we may need less help and learn to maintain good health & wellness.  

What to Expect in a Healing...

Every healing is unique and intuitively designed to support your need or intention for receiving.  Your experience begins as soon as you enter the healing space, and lasts as long as you are willing to stay connected to your thoughts & emotions.  A healing is not a cure of anything, it is more of a supportive and nurturing space  that allows a sacred exchange of energy to take place so that you, your body, your soul, and your spirit can commune.  The "healing" is in the miracle of positive change!  

The Art of Healing

Healing is an intuitive and creative process for me, that is reliant on my authentic connection to the light, and the universal intelligence.  My gifts are only a part of the exchange, there is an etiquette to healing work that takes time to develop.  The "art" of healing is skill, discipline, intuition, and requires meditation, energy balancing, and a deep understanding of the energies that are both of the light and darkness.  My hope is that with each session, you feel lighter, and mentally-emotionally-and physically better!    

Healing is Elemental Therapy

Balance is the key.  Homeostasis in the body is essential for optimal health & wellness to exist.  I like to use fire-air-water-earth as my guide.  The sacredness of the space, and natural homemade candles to support the connection.  I use soothing music and essential oils to ignite the intuitive process.  I'm an empath so "hands-on-touch" is for the heart element, with the gift of my channeling.  And stones & crystals are for clearing, nurturing, and grounding.  

The Benefits of ENERGY MEDICINE!

Energetic Healing is essential for our ultimate well-being, health & wellness.

A healing session promotes relaxation, stress release, and mental & emotional support.

Healing can be comforting support through times of transition and change.

A single healing can shine light on the things needed to  be seen.

Healing helps us get closer to the energy of God & Goddess.

Receiving a healing brings clarity and resolution.

Healing is very much about the heart.

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