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Integrative Healing Can Change, Alter, Transform Your Life!

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Integrative Healing is Medicine for the Soul

Healing is as old as time... and we all need to heal. Our bodies need to be healthy, our souls need to be cleansed and nourished, and our spirits need to be aligned. And, though it sounds simple, to maintain balance, or homeostasis, can be quite difficult. This is why integrating the body, soul, and spirit in an integrative healing is so beneficial and powerful on so many levels.

The body is always communicating to us, and pain is it's "last call." Massage therapy, is more commonly what people seek for relief, but if you're familiar with massage, it can be limited to feeling good only when you're on the table. There is a science to touch, and I don't only mean an elbow in your butt check, but even subtle touch to the fascia can send a powerful message to the body's receptibility that immediately says "it's time to heal." It's quite amazing actually how in tuned our bodies are to the energies around us, and to the energy within us.

Energy medicine, commonly known as "reiki," can take body work to the next best level and help facilitate the emotional and mental causes or irritants to your pain. This is where the channeling comes in, and when you're ready to surrender, the body and soul will begin to guide your healing to a place of clarity and understanding so that your heart and mind can finally serve your body to find restored health & wellness. 

My space for healing is sacred, and as soon as you take your first breath on the "healing-massage" table, the healing begins. The essential oils, crystals and stones, tuning forks, rattle and drum... are all healing tools that may, or may not come into your healing. It's a journey that your intention or soul sets into motion, and I simply listen and trust as it unfolds. And, I will always hold a space for the most essential element, you! 

The path of healing has been dear to my soul for over 30 years... my emotional pain started when I was young, and it is the heart of my healing to this day. Does it go away? No, but it has been a silent guide that led me to my many great healer's, healing modalities, and work as a healer. I am grateful for the journey, and blessed in being able to share my gift with you. The responsibility of a healer is to heal. I have developed my healing practice through the integration of everything I have learned and experienced, and continue to do so. If your path is also one of healing... I honor and thank you.

Om Blessed Be, Lani Renee 

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Integrative Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is best approached as preventive medicine, and has always been valued as a holistic approach to self-care, health & wellness. Body work can be relaxing, deep and therapeutic, as well as stimulating for athletes and physical performance. Massage therapy is also great for: release of stress and muscle tension, pain relief, it promotes healing, and improves circulation, digestion, and the immune system. A massage can reduce anxiety, support bone care and balance, and it can actually help you sleep better. Overall, a massage will improve your quality of life. 

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Therapeutic Energetic Healing 

Therapeutic Healing is a blend of the various esoteric healing modalities that I use, all intuitively channeled during the session. Unlike in a massage, you are fully clothed, but to help relax the mind, it is best to be comfortable on a massage "healing" table and secure under a warm blanket. Each session is unique, and you can have an intention for healing, or you can trust the process and let the healing unfold. If you are a sensitive person, and/or an empath, you will absolutely fall in love with healing and appreciate the power of surrendering.

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My Holistic Approach to Healing

I have a deep respect for all healing work, and I believe it is the key to all successful spiritual aspirations. I also know that it is the one most difficult area for seekers to commit themselves to... which is why I am such an advocate for the importance of healing. If it was easy... everyone would be doing it! We all have pain, buried secrets, regrets and shame. We all have family patterns, and programming that for many of us, always seems to get in the way. Healing is essential, and it provides a safe space for you and your soul to communicate and to mend. I use energy medicine, rays of light, channeled messages and advice, crystals & stones, Young Living essential oils, your natural elements in balance, a rattle when needed to clear, a drum when needed to invoke, but my most valuable sacred tool is my heart. I am a healer because I have had to heal my own soul, and continue to to do so. I am an empath and I feel everything. And I care about your well-being, and simply do my magic because I want you feel better.

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A Testimony...

I have to say Lani is beyond everything you could hope and dream of for a massage. I have had many massages considering I like to work out a lot and my body is always in need of some TLC. From the oils, to music, and the pressure of the massage was on point. I think I might have fallen asleep for a moment. I’ve never felt so relaxed in my life. I got off the table feeling so light. I’ve never felt light coming off of a massage table. I almost felt giddy and like my brain couldn’t function. My body has never felt so amazing. Hands down best massage.., and you will be walking off a different person! 
-Megan R
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