There's always a story...

I was 20 when I went for my first massage, and yes, it was because I was in pain! Both of my parents frequently went to massage therapists, and even psychic's (side note), so it was per their request. My parents lived in Santa Cruz, California at the time, and I will never forget my first time on a massage table, or "The Kiva House," but that is a story in itself!  

I remember that first experience, and it was 31 years ago! I was in heaven, and I didn't realize what my body was capable of telling me while I was receiving. First of all, hello muscles! I had no idea how much pain was waiting to be released until I felt the agony of my body's tissue, and it began my journey of not only massage therapy, but also healing.

Now, keep in mind, I was a life-long athlete, and I was studying health science in college, and interning at General Dynamics as a Fitness Specialist. AND... why had no one given me the memo about "massage therapy?" Why was it not a main topic of my higher education, let alone any education? The thought of taking care of myself, feeling better, benefitting from healing touch, and addressing our bodies needs became a mission of mine... and honestly I am still on that journey.

I went to Massage School in San Diego when I was 27 years old, and back then there was no licensing, and since I had a degree in Health Science, and I was ACSM certified, I incorporated into my work, but I never went into massage therapy full time. Fast forward to 2018, I went back to Massage School in Denver Colorado, and received my license in June 2019. You might ask why?

I love body work, I receive a massage once a month, if not more when time allows. It is my surrender, and my time to heal. I listen to my body, and always reconnect to the gift of life while I am on the table.

I have noticed over the last couple of decades while working with peoples soul's, that there is a disconnect, and I believe it is to their own self, their own body, if not their life. So I wanted to be able to talk about it more and devote my work to getting my hands on people so that they can feel again! So that they can want to live again! Or, maybe just experience massage therapy as I have...      

Meet Lani

And then there's a heart to every story...

I was 24 years old when I had my first abortion. At the age of 27, I had two more abortions. And, I can remember the day when all I wanted to do was stop breathing and die. The sadness was overwhelming, my loss unbearable. I had to choose... to heal or not to heal.

This really was the beginning of my healing, and my spiritual awakening. At my lowest point, my mother flew me home from San Diego to Santa Cruz, California and picked me up from the San Jose Airport and drove to me to some little trailer park near the beach and took me to a psychic! A psychic? I needed a therapist! In that moment, I thought my mother was crazy! But I spent four hours with Suzy that day... and that one reading changed my life, started the healing of my soul, connected me to my son, Nathan, who is in heaven, and I believe now that it was the catalyst to my life's work. My other two children in heaven are, Jordan & Andi.

I started spiritually seeking at the age of 18, but after my first abortion, I started looking more seriously into healer's and healing modalities. I have been on a path of healing for over 30 years... and my healing is not done. My healing will never be done. I have a daughter who is 17 now, Charly Renee, and she needs me to heal. So that my pain will never be her pain.

What I've learned, is that healing is actually something we all need, and I get why we avoid it, and why we seek it when we feel down, or when we're struggling... but if we could just let ourselves receive and heal we would experience the delicacy of life and be better prepared for those hard moments.

Healing is sacred journey. A journey that sometimes takes you back, or holds you in the present moment before you try to escape. I never try to define it, or control, but simply try to allow it. Because if I have learned anything through my own personal healing, and especially in facilitating the healing for others, there is one reason why we should heal... and that is to feel. 

I am grateful for it all...    

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