The Life Wheel

The Life Wheel is a Personal Tool that Reveals, Guides, & Inspires You to Live Your Life Accordingly!

The Process is Powerful.  The Reading will Change Your Life.  Your Wheel is in Motion.

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The Life Wheel is a personal tool, which means it's real, and 100% about you! The initial process takes about 90 minutes, where your 12 archetypes are masterfully selected to best capture who you are and your story... plus, I will give you an introductory reading of your wheel! The possibilities are endless, but I will focus on your "story" and how to rewrite it, any traps or patterns to work on and/or change, as well as bring to life your purpose and greater possibilities if you decide to "turn" your wheel... otherwise, it simply repeats! 

I have been mastering this process for almost 30 years, and there is so much to share when it comes to your wheel's... I wish I could say more, but what I will say, is that I'm not a fan of wasting life, or complaining, and giving-up. The Life Wheel is something I base my life on, as well as my work... and I know it's powerful because I live it! And, everyone I know how cherishes their wheel's, would say the same thing!

*It is highly recommended to get follow-up readings to better understand the design of your wheel and to learn the magic of "turning" your wheel!

Life Wheel

The Master Wheel Turns in 2022!

First introduced in November 2020, after an intense year of unimaginable change, the magical process of making a Life Wheel, that I have been devoted to for 16 years... has finally evolved to a NEW and Masterful Wheel! The Master Wheel is just coming to the surface as the Year Wheel for 2021, but it is also lifting the veil to it's greater purpose: an upgraded, New "Life" Wheel, or Wheel that is birthed from one's original Life Wheel and masterminded into the next generation of your life, designed to guide you for the next 21 years! Or in other magical words... The Making of a Master Wheel is The Second Chance to Living the Life We CHOOSE to Live! 

The Life Wheel

First Step to Changing Your Life!

Life Wheel: $175

The Master Wheel

Second Step to Mastering Your Life!

Master Wheel: $300

I believe life is a journey... one that either "repeats" or receives divine navigation! Which path are you on? I was 18 years old when my divine intervention came... while studying in college my father sent me the book: "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior," by Dan Millman. This was the beginning of my journey, and it has evolved into this magical tool, influenced by my studies, spiritual practice, and personal mastery. The Life Wheel is powerful, and it is meant to help guide you along your journey, for the making of it has the element's of magic, divine intervention, and transformation!  Lani Renee