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The Life Wheel

Everyone has a "story." The Life Wheel is a 90 minute session that includes your life wheel, and a reading of your wheel. The process begins with identifying your 12 original archetypes in this lifetime, and then once your Life Wheel is designed, the reading will bring your story to life, and how to see the patterns and cycles that limit you or that can also help you change your life.

The Life Wheel is a powerful tool, and a road map for navigating how to live one's life, especially if you seek greater understanding to learn, grow, and evolve as a person. Your original Life Wheel reveals a lot, and if there is ever a desire to upgrade your wheel, you'll be ready for A Master Wheel.

It is highly recommend to do follow-up readings to help you "work" your wheel, and to help you stay on a path that is best for you, and that "turns" your wheel of life!

Life Wheel: $175

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Are You...

A Seeker, or a Rebel?  A Queen, or a King?  An Angel or An Alchemist?

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The Life Wheel: First Step to Changing Your Life!

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90 Minute Session: $175 

Life Wheel: $175
The Master Life Wheel: Second Step to Mastering Your Life!

For Those Ready to Upgrade a Life Wheel!

2 Hour Session: $300

Master Wheel: $300