The Mystery Council

Calling Adept Alchemists ▫ To Lift the Veil ▫ In a Sacred Community

Weekly Virtual Council of Adept Alchemist's in Service to the Mysteries 


Om Blessed Be

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The Mystery Council 

The Mystery Council is a sacred circle of adept alchemist's who wish to master: the teachings, their rituals, and greater purpose to serve the Light.

If you have received the teachings of Alchemy, and if you are practicing your sacred rituals, and feel connected to your alchemy initiation, then consider this an invitation to join The Mystery Council. We are a group of devoted initiates who gather online every Tuesday night, 6:30 - 8:00 pm MST, to deepen our understanding of the mysteries, to question and discover hidden truths, and to also honor our sacred connection and calling to support the ancient to modern day magical work of an alchemist.     

Seekers who wish to join The Mystery Council are required to take the next Alchemy Class, when offered. Private classes are available

You can join at any time, and you can leave the council at any time. 

Om Blessed Be, Lani Renee

Join Today: $50/30 Days / $150/Month

Join The Mystery Council! The Magic Starts in March!


$50: for a 30 day trial

  • Weekly Council Teachings and Meetings
  • Monthly Council Meditations
  • Monthly Magical Mantras
  • Monthly Ritual Magic
  • Private Circle of Alchemist's
  • Advanced Alchemy & Magic
  • Special Discounts
  • Be a Part of The Great Work

Message from Lani Renee...

My journey has been for the most part based on something magical that I simply chose to follow. In 2021, I received the inspiration and possibly the permission from spirit, to finally follow the inner compass of my own heart, and teach not just alchemy, but actually teach my alchemist's the beauty and magic of alchemy which is what I am so devoted to, and absolutely love! I promise you... this will be the best of me! And one day... it will be the best of you! Together, we are united!  

Requirement: Completion of Alchemy.

Investment: $50/first month, $150/monthly.

Request: Personal Accountability, Spiritual Responsibility, High Level of Integrity, Sense of Morality, Devotion to Alchemy & Magic, Connection to God, Love of Goddess, and Willing to Serve the Light! 

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Namaste to all who love alchemy & magic. 

thank you for choosing the light