The Mystery Council

The Mystery Council is a circle of alchemist's who are committed to the great work, that of working on themselves for the greater good of others. Receive the secrets that bring in the magic of the mystery teachings, and be a part of something special.

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The Mystery Council is Bringing the Magic & Mystery Back to Life!

Requirement: The Alchemy Program You need to have taken the Alchemy Program, which is where the foundation to all of the mystery teachings is introduced. If you have not taken Alchemy, there is a class: June 19th & 20th, and then once completed, you would be able to sign up for The Mystery Council!  

The Mystery Council Includes:

  • Weekly Tuesday Night Council Teachings/Meetings: Revealing the Secrets of the Mystery Teachings, and Sharing the Alchemy, & the Magic.
  • Monthly Guided Council Meditations to Keep the Mystic on Path, and the Council United.
  • Monthly Ritual Magic to Support Your Spiritual Practice, and to Keep Your Magic Alive. 
  • Monthly Magical Mantra to Inspire the Power of Our Words, and to Assist in Manifesting the Magic.
  • Advanced Alchemy & Magic is the Main Focus: to Teach You How to Apply & Benefit from the Teachings & Magic!
  • A Sacred Community of Committed Alchemist's Devoted to Unveiling the Mysteries of Life!
  • Monthly Discounts on Services/Classes... and more!

This Council will meet virtually "live" online for now, and hopefully in person will become a possibility come this summer, for both are important to allow the council to grow. I will dedicate our time together, the teachings and rituals, and the magic to the great work which calls for our devotion and love right now. If you feel called as I do, thank you for your light, and I will see you in council. Om Blessed Be, Lani Renee

The Next "Alchemy & Magic Class" is in June, 2021! if you are interested in becoming an alchemist and receiving initiation, consider joining us for the next Alchemy & Magic Class coming in June! 

Sign-Up for Alchemy & Magic: June 19-20

Join The Mystery Council! The Magic Starts in March!


$30: 30 day trial

  • Weekly Council Teachings and Meetings
  • Monthly Council Meditations
  • Monthly Magical Mantras
  • Monthly Ritual Magic
  • Private Circle of Alchemist's
  • Advanced Alchemy & Magic
  • Special Discounts
  • Be a Part of The Great Work

Message from Lani Renee...

My journey has been for the most part based on something magical that I simply chose to follow. In 2021, I received the inspiration and possibly the permission from spirit, to finally follow the inner compass of my own heart, and teach not just alchemy, but actually teach my alchemist's the beauty and magic of alchemy which is what I am so devoted to, and absolutely love! I promise you... this will be the best of me! And one day... it will be the best of you! Together, we are united!  

Requirement: Completion of Alchemy.

Investment: $30/first month, $111/monthly.

Request: Personal Accountability, Spiritual Responsibility, High Level of Integrity, Sense of Morality, Devotion to Alchemy & Magic, Connection to God, Love of Goddess, and Willing to Serve the Light! 

More About Lani

Weekly Live Teachings/Meetings

The Mystery Council is an opportunity for me, as well as for you, because I will be devoting the teachings to alchemist's, and opening a door to the mastery of how it all works! You will be able to join me every Tuesday: 6:30 - 8:00 pm, MST, live online, when I will teach, share, and guide you every week to unveiling the keys to unlocking your "alchemy & magic." The main goal of this Council will be to live our lives as modern day mystics!

Virtual Live Tuesday Teachings: 6:30-8:00 pm MST

I hope to meet in person as well, come late spring or early summer!

Join Us!

Monthly Guided Council Meditations

Receive a channeled guided mediation each month from The Hierarchy's Mystery Council to support the work of our Council. These meditations will include guidance from the Masters of Light, and special instruction to strengthen our alchemy and our service to the Light.

Enjoy these meditations live, or listen to the recorded meditation anytime time during any given month. These meditations will support your alchemical mastery, and our collective purpose to serve the Light.

These guided meditations will be relevant to each month of the wheel, and they will consist of advanced meditation techniques to ensure your understanding of the messages, and also to strengthen your meditation skills & practice.  

Monthly Ritual Magic 

Be inspired every month with new ritual magic that will only be shared within The Mystery Council. This will include special instruction at your altars, rituals from my grimoire that were handed down to me that I have not shared before, and more... 

Learn to love your rituals, benefit from the practice of your rituals, and support the great work through our collective ceremony of ritual.

What you will need: sacred space, an altar, sage, incense, essential oils, holy water, sacred herbs, a bell, and a grimoire (leather bound journal for your rituals). 

Monthly Magical Mantras

You will receive a monthly Magical Mantra that will consist of words of power, prayer, and holy incantations. Say the Magical Mantra daily and you will learn to witness the "miracles" of living a spiritual and sacred life! 

These mantras will resonate with as above, so below, and as within, so without. Amen, Aho, Namaste, and Om Blessed Be. They will not only support you, they will move you, and guide you closer to the light.

The Great Invocation: A World Prayer

From the point of Light, within the Mind of God, Let light stream forth into the minds of men. Let Light descend on earth.
From the point of Love within the Heart of God, Let love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Christ return to earth.
From the centre where the Will of God is known, Let purpose guide the little wills of men. The purpose which the Masters know and serve.
From the centre which we call the race of men, Let the plan of love and light work out, and may it seal the door where evil dwells. 
Let Light, Love, and Power, restore the Plan on Earth.
Channeled in 1925 by A.B. 

Namaste to all who love alchemy & magic. 

thank you for choosing the light