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"Those who show us the magic of being human are the most important creatures of all."

                                      ~Gareth Egan

November Tarot Card: VIII Strength


Here's my pick for November, and it can be a focus for you too... VIII Strength is a powerful card in the Tarot System, and is the Pathway of Geburah and Chesed in the Tree of Life. It is the one card that best represents the "Christ Consciousness," and is also sometimes the Justice card.   

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One-on-One Sessions

  • Tarot Reading/Therapy - 60 or 90 minutes, $100 / $150
  • Life Wheel Reading (Includes Life Wheel) - 90 minutes, $200
  • Life Wheel Coaching - 60 minutes, $100, or A Year Package of 12 Sessions for $900 ($75/month, save $300)
  • Negative Energetic Cap Removal - 30 minutes, $75
  • DNA Light Activation - 60 minutes, $100
  • DNA Channeled Reading - 60 minutes, $150
  • Etheric Surgery - 60 minutes, $150
  • Holistic Healing Soul Therapy - 90 minutes, $125
  • Healing Massage Therapy - 90 minutes, $150
  • Emotional Cord-Cutting for Letting Go - 30 minutes, $100
  • Personalized Guided Meditation - 60 minutes, $100
  • Shadow Work Session - 60 or 90 minutes, $150 / $175 

My one-on-one sessions are unique to each individual, and every session is enlightening and supportive to where ever you are at personally, and in relation to your life. My intention is to always meet you at that place and to help you, and guide you through it so that you can progress to the other side... with insight, clarity, strength, and tools to keep you moving forward!

My personal tools are many, my 30 years of experience gives me much credibility, I love what I do, and I am devoted to each and every soul that I get to work with... but the truth is that the secret to it all and how it all works and unfolds so that the magic is witnessed by you and me both... is completely cloaked in the mystery. I may be gifted, well educated and trained, dedicated to my practice... but I am also humble when it comes to being a spiritualist who trusts in the divine integration of my work.

If you are open, willing and ready to explore the mystery... I open the door to you!

Om Blessed Be, Lani Renee 


More About Me

Start with a Tarot Reading!

A Tarot Reading w/me is an opportunity to open your "book of life" and to be able to go wherever you need to go... within, to heal the past, to let go, to understand the story, to see differently, and to gain new perspective, as well as, to question, to enlighten, and to help you grow! Everyone needs help at some point in their lives, and though the tarot is highly misunderstood, it is incredibly helpful, therapeutic, and incredibly magical! 

I have 25+ years of experience, and I have read for thousands of souls, with one mission... to help you!  

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"I have been receiving readings and healings with Lani for over ten years.  I was a skeptic at first, as is my nature; but to say she is the real deal would be a disservice to her gifts.  She is so far beyond a 'fortune teller'.  She is a guide to the soul.  She has worked tirelessly with me to help me reach my highest potential in life.  Even after all these years and deep work to know myself, she still pulls out helpful information that may have otherwise gone unnoticed without her mastery."

-Sophia Christina

Your Next Step: Life Wheel

The Life Wheel is a magical process that is based on my 30 years of spiritual learning, and personal healing. There are many layers to the Life Wheel, but it begins (1) by simply getting your wheel master minded! Then, (2) a reading of your wheel takes place which has the power to completely unravel your life story in order to offer you a rebirth to the life you born to live! And, (3), you can work with me monthly for one year to work in all 12 houses, to learn how to turn your wheel! Or, basically... change your life!

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DNA Activations, Channeled Akashic Readings, Emotional Cord-Cuttings, & More...

Once we establish a working relationship, anything is possible! Though, it is always important not to rush your healing, and also for me to help you integrate the work! And this is work! I will help you, guide you, and support you, as long as you are willing to equally be responsible and accountable for your personal participation in your process, healing, and transformation!

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Things Will Come Up in a Reading... Always a Good Time for a Healing! 

I have been an advocate of healing for almost 30 years, since I started my own healing journey, which naturally led to my healing practice. To this day, I still receive energy work once a month to support my well-being, and to keep me on the path of my soul and aligned with spirit. Traditional psychotherapy tends to be more mental, and if you're an empath like me, when I start to process things, the best medicine is to get a healing and work through it emotionally.  

Healing is an energy exchange, and everything in life is energy. 

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