Lani Renee, B.H.S., Spiritual Therapist

Spiritual Therapy - Intuitive Guidance - Mentorship - Sacred Navigation  

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I am Devoted to Your Spiritual Health & Well-Being!

The beauty of Spiritual Therapy is that anything is possible!  

Start w/a Reading

A one hour reading is a journey that can span a lifetime, or reveal every little secret concerning one major question. You can come with questions, or let the reading unfold naturally as my guidance usually knows where to go... either way, it's a journey worth taking!  

I use a non-traditional intuitive deck, the Osho Zen Tarot Cards, and if you are uncomfortable with the tarot, let me enlighten you. 

One Hour Reading: $100

Text Me: 303.913.3395

Life Wheel is Next

What has taken me 20 years to develop and master, is given to you in 90 minutes in a Life Wheel. Based on your archetype's, alchemy, patterns & lessons, the cycle of life, and your potential, this reading leaves with a powerful personal tool for life!

Follow-up sessions with your Life Wheel can be the best guidance to help you navigate through life!

Life Wheel: $150

Master Wheel: $200 until Dec. 30th, $300  after Jan. 1, 2021

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Spiritual Therapy, etc...

A session can be designed to meet you where you're at, or help you figure out where that might be. We might start with a reading, and progress to a DNA Activation, or take a detour to do some shadow work, a cap removal, chakra assessment and realigning, etheric surgery, or an emotional cord-cutting if that seems appropriate. The reality is, we'll get to your needs, and the sky is the limit! 

Sessions Range: $75-$200

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"I have been receiving readings and healings with Lani for over ten years.  I was a skeptic at first, as is my nature; but to say she is the real deal would be a disservice to her gifts.  She is so far beyond a 'fortune teller'.  She is a guide to the soul.  She has worked tirelessly with me to help me reach my highest potential in life.  Even after all these years and deep work to know myself, she still pulls out helpful information that may have otherwise gone unnoticed without her mastery."

-Sophia Christina

What is Spiritual Therapy/Guidance?🤍

Any form of therapy should offer a process that supports change and/or growth. Psychological therapy can be confined to a mental approach, which I think can be limiting especially if there's an emotional component needed for the process. Physical therapy is great for the body's needs, and though it can unleash and tap into subtle energies to be addressed or released, it too can be limiting. Emotional therapy is key, and effective, if you can access your feelings... which is actually difficult for many people.  

Spiritual Therapy takes all therapy to a holistic level, and if the therapist is tuned in and able to channel the needs of a client, well then the sky is the limit! Literally... anything is possible! Anything is accessible! Anything can be looked at, determined, and understood for the energy is limitless, and sourced organically for the healing, clarity, and/or guidance needed at any given time!  

As a Spiritual Therapist, I use many tools in my work... I'm highly esoterically educated and trained, naturally intuitive, universally conscious, empathetic and emotionally gifted, with over 25 years spiritually and physically guiding people to a better place of being, and/or reality. I also am very eclectic in my practice, and blend and integrate therapeutic modalities, both ancient and modern, to best facilitate each private session. 

There is also a balance of positive and negative energies, light and dark perspectives, healing and awakening that happens in each and every session. This is a universal law that guides all spiritual therapy, with the best success among those who are willing to do their personal work, be accountable, and responsible for their participation in this sacred process... of transforming lives!  

What a little guidance can do...

Help motivate you to make changes in yourself, and your life.

Can help you to see things differently and with more clarity and insight.

Can offer healing where there's pain and suffering, and where there's emptiness.

Can inspires you to become proactive, healthier, and more creative.

Can seriously support you in taking your life back!


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