Spiritual Therapy is Good Medicine

Take Care of Yourself, Spiritual Therapy will Help You Meet Life's Challenges and Feel Better! 

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Spiritualism: a search for something sacred

Why spiritual therapy? To be spiritual. Why be spiritual?

Spirituality is becoming an increasingly important topic for people today, because we are searching for a better life experience. Unfortunately, we usually find our way to spirituality through our hard ships, and in our need for some kind of relief. Individuals approach the realm of spirituality in many different ways: religion, meditation, travel, art, yoga, and even personal development. What is so beautiful and universal about seeking spiritually, is that you can find it any where and everywhere... as long as you are seeking it.

Spiritual people are healthier.

Spiritual people are more balanced in relationships.

Spiritual people are gracious and more compassionate.

Spiritual people are self-actualized.

Spiritual people flourish.

Spiritual people value the sacred experiences in life.    

My approach to spiritual therapy is holistic and intuitive.


"I have been receiving readings and healings with Lani for over ten years.  I was a skeptic at first, as is my nature; but to say she is the real deal would be a disservice to her gifts.  She is so far beyond a 'fortune teller'.  She is a guide to the soul.  She has worked tirelessly with me to help me reach my highest potential in life.  Even after all these years and deep work to know myself, she still pulls out helpful information that may have otherwise gone unnoticed without her mastery."

-Sophia Christina

Intuitive Readings

A one hour reading is a great place to start your journey. You can have questions, or concerns, or you can let the reading naturally unfold.  

I use my faithful tarot cards, my gifts and intuition, plus the energy and magic that transpires!

I've been reading professionally for 17 years.

1 Hr Reading: $100

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Life Wheel

This is a 90 minute reading that consists of making a Life Wheel, and an introductory review of your wheel. The magic is based on discovering your 12 main archetype's, your patterns & lessons in life, plus your potential, and gives you a powerful personal tool for life!

The Magic is in Turning Your Wheel!

A Life Wheel Reading: $150

Master Wheel's Are Available: $300

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Spiritual Therapy

A session with me is always "spiritual therapy." It can be designed to meet you where you're at, or help you figure out where you need to be. There are options: readings, a Life Wheel, DNA Activations, DNA Readings, shadow work, a cap removal, chakra balancing, etheric surgery, or emotional cord-cuttings for letting go, and more...   

Sessions Range: $100-$200

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What is Spiritual Therapy/Guidance?

Any form of therapy should offer a process that supports change and/or growth. Psychological therapy can be confined to a mental approach, which I think can be limiting especially if there's an emotional component needed for the process. Physical therapy is great for the body's needs, and though it can unleash and tap into subtle energies to be addressed or released, it too can be limiting. Emotional therapy is key, and effective, if you can access your feelings... which is actually difficult for many people.  

Spiritual Therapy takes all therapy to a holistic level, and if the therapist is tuned in and able to channel the needs of a client, well then the sky is the limit! Literally... anything is possible! Anything is accessible! Anything can be looked at, determined, and understood for the energy is limitless, and sourced organically for the healing, clarity, and/or guidance needed at any given time! 

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