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When the student is ready, the teacher appears.


Next Alchemy in Denver: November 13 & 14, 2021

Alchemy & the Mysteries of Initiation 

  • The first step to entering a door that leads to sacred knowledge and one's initiation is usually a question... for example, "Is there more to this life that we are living?" And, the first teaching of the mysteries in my tradition is: ALCHEMY!
  • ALCHEMY: A two-day class, and experience that lifts the veil to the truth, to your I Am, and to possibly living a happier, healthier, and more magical life! It is said in metaphysics that there was a curse put upon our world, and it hid the magic! I believe it. There is an Alchemy class coming to Lakeland Florida, Sept. 27, 28, & 29, 2021. And, also in Denver Nov. 13-14, 2021. $750 (includes the manual) Audits can attend, $200 ($30 for an updated manual).
  • There are four magical studies that an alchemist can benefit from and learn more from, and they are: Qabalah, Shamanism. Shadow Work, and Priestess Magic. They were once offered at specific times each year, for group participation. They are now offered in small groups, and privately to ensure the sanctity of their nature and to protect their sacred traditions. 
  • Hermetic Mysticism Qabalah / Intuitive Development: A four part program and personal experience that is based on ancient qabalistic teachings and qabalah rituals that also includes four energetic ascensions up The Tree of Life. A magical subject that literally has the power to deprogram us mentally and mindfully so that we can learn how to receive the light and heal, and think for ourselves! The Study of Qabalah: 4 private classes with four ascensions, $1000. Small group: $800 / person.
  • Sacred Shamanism: A four part program based on the four directions of the native medicine wheel that includes an intention to travel the wheel, the basics of ceremony and sacred living, healing and transforming, as well as a completion ceremony. Private Medicine Wheel Journey: $1000. Small group: $800 / person. 
  • Shadow Work: A five part intense program that is designed for the spiritual warrior! This is no joke, and this is not easy! It includes identifying your shadows, battling them, facing the devil and worldly sin, and learning the tools of exorcism. Private Shadow Work is $1500 / person. Small group: same price.
  • Priestess Magic: A 13-step program for women only. I'm sorry men, I learned a long time ago that I am not your teacher when it comes to magic. This is an ancient and sacred tradition that I am honoring and restoring for the heart of every woman, and to reestablish the sacred sisterhood. This is my most beloved path, that truly integrates all four paths of alchemy, and it is devoted to those alchemist's who feel the call to serve The Hierarchy of Light in this lifetime. The foundation is elemental magic: fire/candles, air/essential oils, water/healing, and earth/herbs. Then each priestess learns to be magical in additional steps of: healing, beauty, relationship, love, death & rebirth, cauldron... and more that is held sacredly in the womb of the Priestess. Private Priestess Path: $4000. Small group: $3600.


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Dion Fortune

"Unless the study of esoteric science yields the fruits of practical application, it is unworthy of the pursuit of any serious minded person; and unless these fruits be the fruits of spirit, it is unworthy of the study of any spiritually minded person.".

Alchemy & The Mysteries of Initiation

When the student is ready the teacher appears. And the door to the temple opens. This is an invitation that is given on a higher plane of understanding, and is received when you are ready to hear the call. If you "enter" this first step of Alchemy & Magic, you are also entering the sacred world of metaphysics, a realm of mystical subjects, and a sacred sisterhood & brotherhood of initiates devoted to the Light. 

This 1st Step of Alchemy & Magic consists of: two magical days, ten magical teachings, supported by ten sacred rituals, and a final ceremony of initiation. An Alchemist Initiation offers you up to 10 x's your light, guidance from the Hierarchy of Light, and Divine Protection.

Join Us for the Next Alchemy & Magic Weekend Program: Sat. & Sun. Nov. 13-14, 2021

Time: Sat. & Sun. 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Your Investment: $750, includes Initiation. Manual is $50. Alchemy & Magic is a requirement for The High Priestess Program starting on July 4, 2021.

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Priestess Magic: 13 Steps

The High Priestess Path is designed for women, but men are welcome to be considered. The nature of this path is extremely sacred, and based on an ancient goddess tradition. This path requires a lot from those dedicated to it, and consists of thirteen steps of elemental & divine magic. The goal for anyone on this path would be to receive 13th Step High Priestess Initiation, and though this can be a difficult level of self-mastery to achieve, it is a very important calling to any woman who carries the blood of the divine feminine. This path is being offered July 2021 - May 2022, and it is not determined when or if, it will be offered again. As the world changes, this path may need to be veiled. Dates for each step are below. 

The Priestess Path is currently in progression until May 2022. Private and small group instruction is available. Private: $4000. Small group: $3600 / person. 

The High Priestess Path Details

Hermetic Mysticism & Intuitive Development: 4 Ascensions

Hermetic Mysticism is an ancient science with deep roots in every philosophy and religion that has ever existed in human history. Hermetic refers to the universe's hidden knowledge, and "mysticism" refers to the approach and practice of being one with the Divine. These teachings are "keys" to help you actually unlearn what you've learned that does not serve you, while simultaneously teaching you to learn how to intuitively gain the wisdom and understanding that does serve you. A hermetic mystic is a critical thinker, and one who questions the universe, and seeks to develop consciously, intuitively, and mindfully.

The Tree of Life is the great symbol of this study, and the Tarot is it's magical keys. 

Hermetic Mysticism / Intuitive Development is available both privately and for small groups. Private: $1000. Small group: $800 / person.  

Shadow Work: 5 Steps for the Spiritual Warrior

Shadow Work is by far the hardest work of any true seeker, alchemist, or initiate. And, it is impossible to walk any path of light, without understanding the darkness that must be overcome to truly obtain any type of enlightenment. Any mystery school tradition that neglects this work, is in denial and based on ego. Therefore, it would make sense that these teachings are to enlighten one to her/his ego, and how to "transform" one's shadows into one's strength. This is the path of the spiritual warrior.

The battle of good vs. evil is real. Free will can be the temptation, but finding one's willpower can lead the way to truth, love, and justice. You choose.

Shadow Work Classes are available both privately and in small groups. Privately: $1500. Small group is also $1500 / person. 

Sacred Shamanism: 4 Directions Around The Native Medicine Wheel

As Dion Fortune said above, why be spiritual if it is does not manifest into something? This is where shamanism comes in, and it is so important in any and all spiritual teachings, because it welcomes in the element of gathering and ceremony. Alchemy & Magic is the Spirit, Hermetic Mysticism is the Mind, Shadow Work is the Heart, and Shamanism is the Earth. When you are in balance of all four disciplines, and learn to walk in beauty as the shamanic people have always done since the beginning of time, you begin to value the sacredness of life. 

The key to living sacredly is to learn how to make your life a ritual, that honors the earth, nature, and your human family.

This shamanic teaching is elemental, and shared through an experience known to the native people as "traveling the Medicine Wheel." These teachings may come last in the steps of alchemy & magic, but shamanism is the absolute foundation for all beings who live together on this planet. You will gain an appreciation for the harmony of all things, the flow in which we cycle, and a love for gathering and ceremony.

Shamanism is available both privately and for small groups. Private Journey: $1000. Small group: $800 / person.

Alchemy Initiation Ceremony

This sacred and holy initiation has traditionally been done at the end of every Alchemy weekend, with the initiation only received by the new alchemist's. In light of The Master Program, and divine guidance from The Hierarchy, the Initiation Ceremony is open to all initiates (anyone initiated by Lani Renee in the past), to come and again receive an initiation process, more light, and greater protection, for all of our current spiritual needs.

The Initiation Ceremony is Sunday, November 14, 2021    

Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Your Investment: $150 (Alchemy & Magic is Required to Receive Initiation).

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Change Your Life Forever... 

I was initiated in 2003. To be an initiate initiated into the mysteries of modern times, is humbling. I studied and trained in an international mystery school after many years of seeking and healing what I thought were my "issues," when in reality I was searching for what was missing! I received the teachings, and knew nothing. My I Am was always there just waiting for me to see her! And I have been faithfully progressing through teaching and sharing all that I have learned and mastered with hope that I can somehow do my part in making sure you do not have to live your life missing what lies beyond the mystery for you! Thank you all, namaste.

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