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Let me introduce myself...

I'm Lani Renee. Tarot Therapist & Spiritual Advisor. I fell in love with the tarot the moment I held my first deck, and I have been reading the tarot professionally for 20 years now, while teaching the tarot for 17 years. My readings are insightful, therapeutic, and supportive to anyone looking for a tarot reading, or what I'd like to call "tarot therapy." My passion, and respect for the tarot, is also expressed in how I teach the tarot, though I will spend my life mastering it's ageless wisdom and unveiling the tarot's mystical secrets.

I am not a fortune teller. And, I am not a psychic. I don't believe anyone can, or should tell you what to do. I will however, help you to the best of my ability explore your questions, or concerns, get to the truth even if it's difficult, and make sure that you are more conscious, confident, and centered in what ever is revealed to you in your reading. 

I'm an intuitive empath, gifted channel, an initiate of alchemy & magical traditions, a qabalist, and devoted tarot practitioner. And, when it comes to reading for people, I am sincere, honest, and heart-centered because I know how powerful the tarot can be... and it can change your perspective, create a change of heart, and if you're ready, it can change your life!

My readings can be done in person, or online. I hope to meet with you soon...

Om Blessed Be, Lani Renee  

Meet Lani

"Those who show us the magic of being human are the most important creatures of all."

                                      ~Gareth Egan

Let me introduce you to the tarot!

The traditional tarot system includes 78 cards: 22 majors, 40 minors, and 16 court cards. The tarot represents our pure nature as human beings: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and our journey throughout life. For some who use the tarot, it is an oracle, and for some of us, it is a brilliant, magical, mystical, and intuitive tool for personal growth, transformation, and mastery.   

The intention of a tarot reading is to look at your life, challenges, questions, issues, relationships, concerns, and decisions, as well as to understand what may be going on energetically, or spiritually. 

The magic of a tarot reading is what is revealed, intuited, and shown to both me and you, that provides the insight, guidance, and advice. Each and every reading is unique, and it is important to remember that the universe is a big place with unlimited truth for each and everyone of us... all we have to do is seek.

Om Blessed Be, Lani Renee  

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Things Will Come Up in a Reading... Always a Good Time for a Healing! 

I have been an advocate of healing for almost 30 years, since I started my own healing journey, which naturally led to my healing practice. To this day, I still receive energy work once a month to support my well-being, and to keep me on the path of my soul and aligned with spirit. Traditional psychotherapy tends to be more mental, and if you're an empath like me, when I start to process things, the best medicine is to get a healing and work through it emotionally.  

Healing is an energy exchange, and everything in life is energy. 

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"I have been receiving readings and healings with Lani for over ten years.  I was a skeptic at first, as is my nature; but to say she is the real deal would be a disservice to her gifts.  She is so far beyond a 'fortune teller'.  She is a guide to the soul.  She has worked tirelessly with me to help me reach my highest potential in life.  Even after all these years and deep work to know myself, she still pulls out helpful information that may have otherwise gone unnoticed without her mastery."

-Sophia Christina

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