Lani Renee, L.M.T.

Licensed Massage Therapist Specializing in an Eastern & Western Approach to Integrative Holistic Bodywork, Health & Wellness.  


MASSAGE THERAPY... is a Gift to the Body, & a Sacred Moment for the Soul

The human body is a magnificent wonder... and has it's own soul and spirit. So when all three are able to fuse and integrate, one's natural blueprint for health & wellness is set free! Massage Therapy is an amazing platform for this integration when it is approached holistically. Every human being has the same essential needs: physical touch, emotional support, mental relaxation/and or stimulation, and spiritual connection, and there's one effective modality to address those needs: MASSAGE THERAPY! Take care of you and book a massage today!   

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A Healing Massage w/Lani Renee

Everyone needs a massage, and I also believe that everyone needs a time and space to heal. The sacred tradition of massage therapy is deeply rooted in both bodywork, and energy medicine. If you have experienced both than you know the benefits are endless! I strive to address your body's needs, and to relieve you of your pain, as well as, touch the layers of your soul which allows your mind to rest, and your heart to feel. My massages are 90 minutes, $125.            

More About Lani

My Holistic Approach to Massage

I am an intuitive massage therapist with 30 years of experience in both physical and spiritual health & wellness. My bodywork is an integration of thai and swedish massage, deep tissue, and therapeutic touch. The energy work is facilitated throughout the entire massage, with intention, breath work, the use of essential oils, the releasing of emotional patterns, channeling energy and/or messages, and the healing grace that evolves through the flow of the massage. 

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What is Massage Therapy?🤍

A universal approach to addressing any and all body-soul-spiritual needs. A massage simply makes you feel better! And when you feel better, your quality of life improves.  Massage therapy is valued in every culture, and has a history of contributing to one's health & wellness.  In today's world, people tend to get a massage because they're in pain, but ideally, we would prevent "pain," whether it be physical, mental, or emotional, by receiving regular massages.  Massage is best when it is approached as preventative and self-care.

The work can be subtle, or massive.  You may need deep tissue, or the healing effect of light touch.  The key is to know your body, or at least to be willing to get to know you're body and it's needs! 

Everyone needs a massage, babies to the elderly. And there are so many benefits to getting massages, but the most important one is the miracle of touch! If you're body is tense, or in pain, massage can give you relief. If you're stressed, massage immediately relaxes you and your nervous system. If you're pregnant, you and the baby love to be massaged! And if you're battling health issues, massage may not be a cure, but it will definitely help you through to better health & wellness. 

Eastern Massage:

A full-body Thai Massage is great for muscle tension, and can increase your flexibility & range of motion.  It allows for deeper work, and promotes a revival of energy. 

Western Massage:

A full-body Swedish Massage supports relaxation, stress relief, and mental & emotional wellness.  And helps improve circulation, digestion, and the immune system.  

Holistic Massage: 

A Therapeutic Healing Massage that integrates both western & eastern methods, focusing on body-soul-spiritual health & wellness.  Intuitively inspired.  

The Benefits of MASSAGE THERAPY!

Massage Therapy is a universal treatment that people from every corner of the globe seek to aid in their health & wellness. Whether it be for relaxation, stress, or for medical reasons, everyone can benefit from massage therapy.

The benefits of massage:

Relieves Stress & Physical Pain

Relieves Headache Tension & Decreases Migraine Frequency

Reduces Anxiety & Eases Symptoms of Depression

Supports Back Care & Improves Balance

Reduces Muscle Tension

Enhances Exercise Performance

Supports Better Sleep

Improves Quality of Life

And Helps Support Overall Health & Wellness During Crisis and/or Illness 

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A Testimony...

I have to say Lani is beyond everything you could hope and dream of for a massage. I have had many massages considering I like to work out a lot and my body is always in need of some TLC. From the oils, to music, and the pressure of the massage was on point. I think I might have fallen asleep for a moment. I’ve never felt so relaxed in my life. I got off the table feeling so light. I’ve never felt light coming off of a massage table. I almost felt giddy and like my brain couldn’t function. My body has never felt so amazing. Hands down best massage.., and you will be walking off a different person! 
-Megan R
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