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When you use Young Living Essential Oils you know, that as soon as you open the bottle the senses go wild, and our cells say "hello!" Every oil has a purpose and a natural desire to heal or create energy that inspires us to live healthier lives.

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November's Pick: Gratitude Oil

Gratitude is a delightful blend of ancient oils like: frankincense and myrrh, that is designed to bring relief to the body while helping to foster a grateful attitude.

Gratitude works with the emotion: Not Safe to Be Me, Be in My Body, Live in this World (Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, by Carolyn Mein). Use this Oil to Feel Protected, to Be Free to Be Me, To Be in My Body, and To Be Free to Live in this World.

My suggestion in how to use: Apply Gratitude on your heart, breathe Gratitude in during the month of November. meditation, or diffuse

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I've been using Young Living Essential Oils for 25 years! 

My journey started when I was working with a Reflexologist who introduced me to the oils! I'll never forget my first oil, it was Valor. One oil led to the next oil, until I realized that I was feeling better and connecting to my body, and my thoughts & emotions more. I have always said, "I buy these oils because they work!"

Every healer and homeopathic doctor I have ever gone to regularly uses essential oils, and most used Young Living. And though there are more companies selling oils now, I have always found my medicine with Young Living and I am truly grateful. 

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For years, my friends and clients have asked me for oils, and I wish I had made this available to you earlier, but now you can order your Young Living Essential Oils from me directly, or you can even decide to become a member and save money and receive great benefits!! Either way, I can help you select the perfect oil to buy first, or figure out which oils you may need for any health concerns. My specialty is in the healing properties of the oils, though I use essential oils for everything from a headache, sciatic pain, dental work, colds, protection from viruses and  bacteria, to skin conditions and stomach aches! I use White Angelica for energetic protection, and I wear Joy for it's feminine aroma, and I love Peace & Calming when I can't sleep. Lemon is purifying, Thieves keeps the germs away, Peppermint will take pain away, M-Grain is brilliant for migraine headaches! Use Lavender for an earache or a burn, Grapefruit for weight loss, or my favorite is Ylang Ylang for the Goddess!

Nature's Medicine

The Earth is rich in it's natural medicines, and there is a healing element in every plant, flower, and tree. Oils are the "blood" of Gaia.

Therapeutic Essential Oils

There is a higher quality to therapeutic essential oils, from the plant to how it's distilled. Always buy the best!


The most common use for using essential oils is for "aromatherapy." It is the moment you inhale a scent when the magic happens!

A Quote to Live By

"We are about lifestyle & strengthening the body through nutrition & the power of essential oils. When we do this, the body will take care of itself. We are about self-improvement and living life to the fullest.”

D. Gary Young, Founder of Young Living Essential Oils

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