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To Seek is to Know. To Know is to Heal. And to Heal is to Love.

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance: Spiritual Therapy, Tarot Reading, Life Coaching, DNA Activation, DNA Channeled Reading, and the Life Wheel, are all magical pathways to help guide you through your life's rite of passages, moments, obstacles, decisions, while navigating what is best for you! 


Mystery School

A Mystery School that focus's on the sacred traditions of alchemy: personal mastery, intuitive qabalah, sacred shamanism, ritual mastery, and priestess magic. These teachings & practices are for true spiritual seekers looking for a path to self-mastery.


Massage & Healing

Massage Therapy is therapeutic to the body, nourishing for the soul, and a gift to the spirit. A Healing consists of energy medicine and sacred channeling that taps into the past, present, and future, and offers magical insight & relief . Integrate them together, and it's a Therapy-Massage! 


Om Blessed Be

The journey to health & wellness is sacred. Transformation is the goal of all true spiritual quests. Be one of the few who truly discover the beauty and the blessings that can manifest in a world that is magical, a world only you and I can create!

Lani Renee

About Lani

Let me Start by Introducing You to Spirituality!

A philosophy, practice, or sacred process that genuinely connects you to Source, the Light, God/Goddess, or Heaven & Earth. Spirituality is a modern term that describes one's individuality to the Divine, and their physical nature. It's truly the Old Way showing up in a New Way, reminding us all who we are, and why we're here!

Your Spirit is the Key Element!

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Your Soul is the Bridge!

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Your Body is the Temple!

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"All I have to say is I love my spiritual mom and I might not know or understand fully what she does but I know for a fact she's amazing at it! Over the years I've come to her for tarot readings, healings, and my life wheel. I've always thought, "Oh my god! That is some powerful stuff!" So, I get you might be scared but trust me, you'll be grateful in the end. The feeling after a session is astonishing and always touching. Every time it leaves me in tears but in good tears, of course. Above all, my mom is a beautiful soul with a special gift that I am grateful she has, and can share. "

Charly Renee

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