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The Priestess Path Special Invitation

This will be my final "teaching" Priestess Path and it begins on Sunday, June 26! Join me for 13 Magical Steps, a Year to Unveil the Divine Feminine, and Learn to Walk a Sacred Path with Women, for Women. This Path is Devoted to a Circle of Priestesses who are called to Walk in Beauty.


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An ageless, timeless, esoteric approach to truth.  

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Hello... I'm Lani Renee

I believe we are all on a journey... and the journey can be worldly, sacred, or both. May you choose to live in this world both practically, and spiritually.

Online Readings

Online Readings are intuitively designed to offer guidance, counseling, and time for questions. The beauty of our time together is always unveiled in the mystery. 

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Esoteric Teachings

The Ageless Alchemy Academy, an online collection of esoteric teachings, is coming this summer, and it will become the next generation of my work. Alchemy 101, Intuitive Qabalah, Shadow Work, Ceremonial Shamanism, Esoteric Healing & Reiki, plus more... can be studied and practiced soon.. in your own space! 


Holistic Healing

Healing is necessary to receive the light, that removes the darkness, which brings harmony to the soul, and integrates spirit.  

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Lani Renee, B.H.S., L.M.T.

Holistic Spiritualist & Guide, Keeper of Alchemy & The Mystery Traditions, Esoteric Healer, Licensed Massage Therapist, Magical Teacher, and Lifelong Advocate of Integrative Health & Wellness. 

Former Owner of Sacred Space, Sacred Sanctuary, and Temple Namaste. Owner and Guardian of Om Blessed Be.

About Lani

Why be magical?

To Discover True Self. To Define Life Purpose. To Re-Write Your Story. To Live Well.

Ageless Alchemy Academy

AGELESS ALCHEMY is the best way to define my work. I have devoted most of my life to a personal journey that has allowed me to redefine myself, grow inter-dimensionally, and live magically. Recently, I moved to Florida from Colorado, and this has inspired the next generation of my work. The Ageless Alchemy Academy: an Esoteric Collection of Teachings, Rituals, and Sacred Practices.

"As a Holistic Spiritualist, I am devoted to the mastery of my alchemy & my magic. As an Intuitive Guide I am devoted to the beautiful souls that I get to share magical time with. As a Teacher of the Mysteries I am devoted to Universal Truth. As a Beloved Mother, I am devoted to Charly Renee, my daughter... who I dedicate my work to. "

Namaste, Lani Renee
Om Blessed Be


May the Divine Light in Me, Bless the Divine Light in You.


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