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Lani Renee, Om Blessed Be

Holistic Spiritualist, Advocate of Holistic Health & Wellness, Healer-Teacher-Guide of Sacred Traditions, Adept Alchemist, and Magical High Priestess.

Founder of Om Blessed Be, Lifetime Seeker of Truth, Student & Teacher of Esoteric Studies, and Believer in Devoting One's Life to a Greater Purpose. 

I love my work. I care about the well-being of my clients, and progression of my alchemist's. I've been walking a sacred path for over 30 years, developing my gifts for two decades, and sharing the magic of my heart & soul for 18 years!

Welcome to my circle, Namaste. 

About Lani

Lani Renee, B.H.S., L.M.T., Holistic Spiritualist

Health Specialist, Licensed Massage Therapist & Holistic Healing Practitioner, and Adept Spiritualist. Tarot Extraordinaire, Initiate of Sacred Mystery Traditions, Priestess, and Shamanic Ceremonialist. Devoted to helping, guiding, counseling, coaching, empowering, healing, releasing, and transforming on all alchemical and magical levels to better all beings who choose the light.

My Next Trip to Denver!

I will be back in Denver early 2022!

Om Blessed Be 

Take a Look at JANUARY 2022!

21-Day Morning Meditation. Mystery Council in 2022. White Dragon Path Starts!


The Alchemy & Training of a Spiritual Warrior Begins Jan. 15th, 2022

White Dragon Path Details

The 2022 Schedule is Here, and it's Magical!

Priestess - Alchemy - Warrior - And More!


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Tarot Therapy

Tarot as therapy is beyond helpful when you need a little intuitive guidance, help navigating your path in life, or pure divine intervention! And, if you have never had a reading, give yourself this gift, you'll wish you had!

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Mystery Teachings

The mystery teachings are as old as time, and as magical as you are willing to life the veil to your true self, and your purpose in this life. These teachings consist of the magical traditions of: alchemy, qabalah, shamanism, shadow work, and high priestess. And, the door opens as soon as you ask, " Who am I?"

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Integrative Healing

Integrative healing is a holistic blend of energy medicine, massage therapy, channeled advice, essential oils for emotional release & support, and crystals & stones for grounding light into the body. If you are new to healing, once your soul surrenders... you're forever changed!  

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"All I have to say is I love my spiritual mom and I might not know or understand fully what she does but I know for a fact she's amazing at it! Over the years I've come to her for tarot readings, healings, and my life wheel. I've always thought, "Oh my god! That is some powerful stuff!" So, I get you might be scared but trust me, you'll be grateful in the end. The feeling after a session is astonishing and always touching. Every time it leaves me in tears but in good tears, of course. Above all, my mom is a beautiful soul with a special gift that I am grateful she has, and can share. "

Charly Renee

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Email: [email protected] Phone/Text: 303.913.3395 Location: Lakeland, Florida.


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